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She Was The Girl Of My Dreams But I Was Right To Break Up

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*For representational purpose only.

I was working in a reputed MNC as a software engineer. Here, I met a girl. She was bubbly, cool, smart, sexy and just so full of life. She was in a relationship with someone and my parents too had found a girl for me. 

We used to hang out with each other, have fun, go to parties and watch movies together. One day, I realized that she was the one I had always wanted. I mean, who doesn't want to be with a girl who wakes up at 6 in the morning, prays and sings to God, cooks exceptionally well, earns great, makes everyone around her happy and also parties hard. She was just perfect. So like everyone else, I also fell in love with her and thought she was my soulmate. Slowly, she too started opening up to me. She felt safe with me and would share all her feelings with me. I felt super lucky to be her confidante. One night, we were partying at her place. As it got late, her roommate and her boyfriend went into their bedroom and I was left alone with her.

We started dancing and came really close to each other. So close that even air couldn't pass between us. Suddenly, the music stopped and we realized what just happened. But then, she came close and we started feeling each other and it was the most amazing feeling, ever.

It was so special that no words could define that moment. After that, every alternate day we would sleep with each other. I would wait for her to complete her work and then we would leave office together. She would cook for me and wait for me at the office to complete my work and we would have lunch together. It was such an amazing feeling.

Then came a point in our lives where we could not imagine living without each other. Everything was going fantastic when a mail came. It was her on-site opportunity.

I was the one who forced her to go on-site. She didn't want to go away from me. Finally, she agreed and went away and we came into a long distance relationship. We would share everything over texts, calls and video chats. It went great in the first few months. We felt that people who said that long distance relationships don't work didn't know better. But we were wrong. Suddenly, things started changing between us.

Little things that she liked about me started annoying her, like how I would wait for her to come home. She felt that I was spying on her.

With time, our relationship kept getting worse and she started abusing me. I decided that there was no point in stretching this relationship as it was hurting both of us and so I decided to end it. I ended all contact with her and honestly it didn't even bother her much because she had found someone better in a foreign land. Meanwhile, I too started looking at other girls. Today, I am married to a lovely woman and I am more than happy with her. I am completely loyal to my wife.

One day though, my ex called me to apologize for her mistakes and said how I used to understand her no matter what the conditions were and she didn't value it. But once the glass is broken into pieces, it can't be fixed and that's what I told her.

I would still like to thank her for all the wonderful memories and life lessons she gave me.

In the end, I would just like to say that people often get judgmental too soon. I would request you all not to do that. Give time to your relationship to blossom, but if it does not work after several chances, part ways for the benefit of both of you. One should always know when to step in and when to back off.

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