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She Hates Me So Much That Even The Judge Asked "Is She Really Your Mother?"

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My mother hates me. I don't mean it like we have some difference of opinion. She really hates me and she's harmful to my well-being. In fact, when we were in court, the first question the judge asked me was, "Is she really your own mother?"

I grew up with great difficulty. My father made huge losses in business and ran away. I was doing my CA then- I was forced to drop out, handle the business and turn it around. After I managed to do that, I brought dad back. He lives a retired life now. As a result of this, we reassigned all the properties to my mother's name.

When I had kids of my own, we moved to Mumbai so that we could educate them here. I have two sisters who are married. My sisters and my brothers-in-law, I don't know what they said to my mom, they had her file a domestic violence case against my father and me in 2018. The property is in her name and she has taken it away. She filed a forgery case against us. 

I can't come to terms with how a mother can side with her daughters and make her son suffer- that too for money that I rightfully earned. She wants us to suffer. She has even taken away my wife's jewellery. 

I always suffered at her hands. Now, what choice do I have but to fight?

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