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My Mother Never Let Me Make Any Friends Because She Was Insecure: Now I'm 25 And Still Get Beaten Up

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Born in a middle class Bengali family, I was mentally abused by my parents as a child. 

Even though we were always financially stable, I never had a box of new crayons or a pair of toys to play with. I always saw other children who had these things and wondered why my parents never cared? I did not have any friends growing up because my mother made sure I was her only friend. What was the reason behind this?

She did not want me to talk to other children who were my age because she was insecure I’ll lover her less when I made other friends.

I had no other options but to spend my days reading Filmfare magazines. I still remember the day I came across a picture of Shahrukh Khan and exclaimed, "wow, this guy looks good!" and my mom overheard it and said “oh yes, you find him good looking so now will you marry him?” Trust me, from that day I stopped watching movies and reading magazines. I was so ashamed of myself.

My parents fought with each other every single day and sometimes in that process, I would get beaten up by my father. When I joined Law school my mother passed away and that’s when I managed to make a few friends but my father forced me to be alone.

I am 25 now and have joined an LPO but my father still beats me up how, he did earlier. I have tried everything to stop it; from seeking help from my neighbors to calling the police but nothing has changed. Maybe things will never change.

The dark truth about our society is that the abusers are free and it is the victims who have to suffer, in silence.

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