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My Most Grateful Year Ever- 2020

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I lived a life of two types before I revealed my true identity in front of my family and acquaintances, which later changed my way of living. I tried to prove to the world that there's nothing wrong with me.

I was trying to conform to society's expectations of how a young boy should grow up.
The decision of my orientation has been the turning point in my life.

The year 2020 marked the beginning point of our relationship.
We have added to one another's Facebook accounts for a long time but had never interacted. On my birthday, I added a photo of me cutting the cake as my profile. Chaitanya was captivated by the image and sent me a happy birthday message after seeing it. It all started from there. We used to converse a lot over the messenger app and gradually exchanged our numbers. Then, one fine day, we planned to meet to get to know each other closely.

When I went to Delhi to meet him, he made that time the most memorable moment for us to cherish.

Chaitanya proposed to me on his knees, in front of the Taj Mahal, holding a ring and asking me sweetly, "Will you marry me?" It was the most romantic moment for us.

My parents passed away years ago. It was my sister who encouraged me and accepted my choice wholeheartedly. Chaitanya's family has known about his identification since 2017, so they understood our relationship. Early on, his family was a little sceptical, but as time went by, they came to understand our relationship and joyfully started making arrangements for our wedding.

Our bond is unique in its way.

Chaitanya is ten years younger than me, and that does not change our way of loving each other.
Chaitanya assured me that we would have a beautiful life together. We have accepted one another with our flaws, which I believe is the most valuable aspect of a relationship.

Our connection is similar to any other couple that falls in love and marries. We quarrel, work together, and live as a perfect pair. Nobody will assist you; it's your life, so make your own decisions and live it how you see fit. Be courageous in front of your family and society. You can't emerge with pride unless you face it.

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