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My Love Story Didn’t Have A Happy Ending, But Here’s Why That's Okay.

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So all of us love movies, don't we? 

Whatever issues the lead couple may have throughout the film, the end will always be happy. 
Coming to my story.

I was born and brought up in a hardworking family. I was expected to complete my studies, get a job and settle with a partner my family chose for me. 

Unfortunately, life didn't go as planned – but then again, does it ever? 

I finished my studies in a small town, then moved to the city to search for a job. It was tough to stay in a hostel, and I struggled despite searching for suitable employment. 

I ended up picking one that wasn't related to my field, but I still felt happy because I wasn't financially dependent on my father anymore. 
In the last days of my B. Tech, I met a man whom I instantly fell for. I'm not sure what pulled me so strongly towards him, but somehow, I gathered all my courage and asked him for his phone number. 

I still get butterflies when I remember my excitement after my phone pinged with his message. He was showing an interest in me. 

I'll never be able to describe how ecstatic it feels, how one's heart pounds with excitement when you receive a message from a crush. I was on cloud nine. I was going through all of this and more. 
One day, he asked me if I loved him. I immediately said, "Yes". 

Then, he slowly began telling me about all the problems that he had in his life. He told me he wouldn't be able to marry me because of his family. And I shouldn't raise my hopes about us finding a way to be together. He told me to walk away. But I didn't. 
"I'll always be your friend," I promised bravely. 

We used to meet sometimes, and when we did, he would hug me warmly before leaving.

I was drawn to him even more. I never compelled him to marry or love me, but I hoped he would. I loved him deeply and felt like I wouldn't be myself if I wasn't with him. 
And I was there for him through thick and thin. I've helped him emotionally and financially. To me, he was the very definition of love. 

I couldn't even dream about being or liking another man. 

This went on for five years. 

And all this time, I was turning down men my family suggested I meet for marriage. I was the same girl I always was, who loved him insanely. Never once did our relationship falter. We remained best friends, and he never once took advantage of this. 

I knew I would get hurt. I always knew this. 

But when the day came, he married the woman his family picked for him. I was heartbroken.
Every day has been worse than the other. I always cried and hated myself for being the only one responsible for this unbearable pain. 

By now, my family was pressuring me to get married. I had no choice nor felt any need to resist. So, I left the decision to my father.  

Soon, I married a gentleman. He's handsome, calm and composed. He accepted me the way I was. And even now, I wonder how I got so lucky to marry a man who made my present and future so safe and secure. 

I'm relieved to find the love I so desperately craved for years. 

It's been more than a year into our marriage now.

My husband has never complained about anything nor fought with me. He always supported and understood me. We trust each other with everything, have clear and honest conversations, and he's never raised his voice at me. 

Thanks to my husband, I believe in miracles. Happy endings or beginnings are not restricted to only reel life but also exist in the real world. 
God gave me more than what I deserve. The peace I have now is worth everything I have lost. 

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