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My Husband And I Are In Love With Each Other But We're Being Forced To Get A Divorce

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I was in a relationship with my husband for almost seven years before we got married to each other. I was only twenty years old when we decided to get married.

My parents were against our marriage and emotionally blackmailed me into breaking up with him and started looking for other guys to get me married to. So we decided to run away. We got married on 12th February, 2012, and our parents were forced to accept us.

Our married life was beautiful. Even other people could see how we were deeply in love with each other. But, after a while, things started getting sour between us, mainly due to our families. He didn't like my family much and his mother had many complaints from me. All this eventually started impacting our marriage. We would both defend our families, due to which misunderstandings started brewing between us. Things became so bad between us that we had huge fights and finally my parents got me home.

I stayed with my parents for a few months. They kept asking me to decide what I wanted in life. My husband never used to drink or smoke, but he got addicted to them after I returned to my parents' home. I was devastated to see him in this state. But I also hated him for resorting to alcohol and cigarettes to deal with his stress.

In fact, I felt like he was deliberating doing it to prove to me that he didn't want me anymore in his life. One day his parents came home to take me with them, but I refused to go with them, because I felt if their son wanted me back in his life, he would quit drinking and smoking, which he didn't.

Days passed like this and after a year, I filed for divorce. My lawyer took the papers to my husband, but he refused to sign them. Deep down, neither of us wanted to separate from each other, but our anger got the best of us. After a while, he felt that I didn't want to return to him and so he signed the papers and sent them back to me.

Few days before our fifth wedding anniversary though, his sister-in-law called me. She reminded me of how much we loved each other and asked us to talk to each other and sort our issues out. I readily agreed to talk to him. We decided to meet on our anniversary. When I looked at him, I felt like nothing had changed between us. I realized that the love I had for him could never fade away. From that day on, we continued to talk to each other for about a week.

Then one day, he called to tell me that he had been seeing someone else for about four months. Apparently, she looked exactly like me. It shattered me completely.

I cried hard and asked him why he didn't tell me about her the first day we spoke. He said it was because he didn't want to lose me again. He asked me not to leave him. I knew I couldn't leave him either because I had only recently realized that I loved him immensely too.

So, I kept talking to him despite knowing that he was having an affair with someone who was almost ten years younger to him. Then one fine day, my lawyer called me and asked us to come to the court to register our divorce. Neither of us wanted to separate from one another. But once again, our families didn't want us to be together and so this time around, we decided to sacrifice our relation for their happiness. But to our surprise, our petition got cancelled. We were sent to the counselor instead, where both of us confessed our love for each other. We also told the counselor that we wanted to give our marriage another chance. 

I spoke to my parents and after many arguments, I finally convinced them to let me go back to my husband. But my husband couldn't convince his parents.

They forced him to divorce me or threatened him that they'd file a case of cheating against me. They even emotionally blackmailed him saying that they'll kill themselves if he got back with me. Even his girlfriend threatened to commit suicide if he left her for me.

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