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Love And Lust: It Only Took These Four-Letter Words To Ruin My Life Completely

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He didn’t love my soul; just my body. I was in college, finishing my graduation when I met this guy. He lived in Australia, but we spoke to each other as much as we possibly could. I loved him, like crazy.

After a few conversations, he became busy and wouldn’t be free to talk to me as much as I wanted. He told me that his work was keeping him occupied and that he was too busy to be in a relationship with me. I never understood this and since I couldn’t get him on the phone, I couldn’t understand why he had suddenly changed his mind about us.

Time has passed us by and I was stupid to think that somewhere, he still loved me. After a while, my parents asked me to get married, I said no, but only because I thought he would come back to me. Despite all my efforts, my parents found me a groom and I was married within a few months.

After a lot of effort, I could begin my new journey; respect the new responsibilities that I had. I tried my best to move on, but my husband, this new life, it didn’t help me.

Every night he would… should I call it harassment or rape? The pain I got, emotionally and physically, it was overwhelming. One day, out of the blue, my ex-boyfriend called me. He said that he was back in India and wanted to meet me. He couldn’t believe that I was married and asked me why I didn’t want for him.

He told me that he cried when he saw my wedding pictures. I was speechless. I knew that he was my true love, how could I have betrayed him like this? He convinced me to meet him; said that he missed me, he loved me and had to say goodbye.

I did.

What was I thinking? The first thing and the only thing that he said to me was, “Will you sleep with me?” I didn’t know if a slap would be an appropriate answer or just me walking away.

As I left him and my past behind, I realized that my ‘soulmate’ was someone who just wanted my body, nothing else.


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