It's Been 25 Years, And I'll Never Forget It.

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Meeting the family of a soldier present 24 hours a day at the border will allow you to understand what the actual commitment entails. When a soldier gives his life for his country, what happens to the family he leaves behind is detailed in my book, "Cost of War," which is how we felt about the entire affair.

My father, Major SJS Randhawa, died in the line of duty on June 17, 1997.
On that horrible day, he fought terrorists while protecting his fellow guys. He was posthumously given the Kirti Chakra for his bravery and perseverance.

That day, I struggled to come to terms with the fact that I had lost my father.
Our family had a terrible day. My mother was the first widow to enlist in the Indian Army. Just two days had passed since my father's passing before Father's Day, a holiday that many cherish and enjoy with their dads. That day, his lifeless remnants were all I had.

This day has now evolved into the most hated day of my life.
I spent almost a year and a half making precious memories with my father. He kept a baby book to track my growth from the moment I could talk to when I got my first teeth. He wrote to me from his deployments, detailing his adventures. In addition to thoroughly loving me during every moment of my existence, he also cleaned my cloth diapers.

He was the best possible father figure for this little child. Although it has been 25 father's day since my dad passed away, he has never left my heart or been my source of inspiration.

When you celebrate Father's Day this year, kindly keep kids like me in mind since we will do anything to extend our day.
Give your heroes a lengthier hug and show them even more affection. If you can, go to the war monument with your dads.

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