I’m Leaking My Ex’s Dirty Messages And Voice Notes Because He's Left Me No Choice

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 28 January, 2017

Dear (ex) boyfriend,

I hope this letter finds you in the pink of health because after this, I don't know if there will ever be any health again for you. So, as a considerate ex girlfriend, I'm keeping your identity a secret (well almost) and I would like to start with saying sorry because I can't let this opportunity go a waste.

And now the more important part, you're mentally ill.

Yes or no, tell me fast. I’m not drunk.


Main audio pe baat nahi karunga, tum facebook pe baat karo nahi toh main abhi ke abhi joh bhi photos hain naa main upload karne wala hoon tumhe bina bataye.

First, try talking without slurring. Second, men like you should be mutilated but what can I say, it's a fairly fair world. But that shouldn't and won't stop me from giving you all the fame you deserve. Someone needs to hold your leash before you go astray and rape an innocent female tomorrow. Thank me later! If anything, I'm saving you from becoming a rapist. 

I’m Leaking My Ex’s Dirty Messages And Audio Notes Because He’s Left Me With No Options

Her: Upload karna hai. Jaa karle.
Him: I’m giving you an easy way out ***. I don’t want your family’s image to be tainted. Or your career. You can take it and not go through anything. So yes or no?
Her: Ya go ahead I won’t lose anything and anyone.
Him: Acha? How about I put your dad’s number on it? With yours? *** take the deal.

I've been scared and quiet for sometime now. I shivered as well when I got all your messages and voice notes that night. It did feel like it's the end of my life. It was scary, all kinds of thoughts crossed my head but the more you pushed me to give you what you wanted, it pushed me a bit harder to be a rebel. With every drunken word you uttered, I found my blood boil faster. 


___ aaram se baat kar raha hoon. Jo mujhe chahiye woh mujhe chahiye, agar nahi de rahe ho toh you wait. And truly speaking, I’m very very very drunk.

To be honest, it scared me. Your voice, the way you said things, the way you kept saying yes or no, all of it scared me. I kept quiet, stupidly, almost cowardly. It's always a reflex with us girls, you know. When a man does something he's not supposed to, our reflex shuts us up for a moment. Unfortunately, by the time we come back to our senses to react, it's too late. But no sir, it's not too late for you and me. We're just getting started. 

That day you woke up all kinds of angry Indian goddesses in me and I'm glad. So, thank you. Truth is we need men like you to be stripped naked in front of the world to teach our sons and daughters well in the future. And I will do exactly that today. 

You want revenge because I put you down since you have a girlfriend and I'm not into you anymore. Your threat, clearly, shows why you deserve to be "shown down" by every woman who comes your way EVER:

I’m Leaking My Ex’s Dirty Messages And Audio Notes Because He’s Left Me With No Options

Her: You kept them to blackmail me?
Him: I will. Really coz I’m tired and pissed that you are showing me down. Well now I am.
What down. Yesterday what you said naa.
Her: I said be happy with her.
Him: I really felt like shit. I won’t be a nice guy anymore. I’ll upload them.
Her: What will you get out of it
Him: Well, revenge.

I've made mistakes in my life, yes, but the biggest one has been with you. I dated you 4 years ago because you were a gentleman or you were at least good at acting like one. But that wasn't my biggest mistake, my biggest mistake was that I kept quiet in the two years that I was with you. The moment you showed me the real side of you, I got over you. I'm sorry it happened instantly, before you could have sex with me but no offence — look at your face. I went on to like someone else because it just happened. But you couldn't stand it.

I don't remember giving you the right to my life when I dated you once. Then, how dare you question my choices in life? You abused me again and again and again ever since I got over you.

Abe Sunn bey Maa ke ******** R**di ki aulad. Maa ka ******** tera. ******** Tereko kab maine tereko teri body par kuch bola hai ********? ****** tereko bada chahiye naa *******. Jaa kar banjaa prostitute. Bann jaa ******** jo tu hai R**di saali. Bahot saare ****** milenge tereko. Aadmi hai naa ******* usko banale dalal. ******* saala.

My fault is I broke my silence now. This time, you're showing signs of turning into a rapist and I find it to be my moral duty to stop this now. You abused me, made a scene all the time when we were together, I kept shut. I dated you because I had feelings for you, but your abusive and pushy nature made me get over you. And I'm not sorry for that. 

I signed up to date a caring man who helped me settle in a new city but you turned out to be a nightmare! I still kept in touch, even when you moved to a different city. All that, as a friend, to return the favour.

Don't get me wrong. I was grateful but you got what you wanted out of your niceness! Now, I'm in no way entitled to give you what you want when you want it. My body is mine and you have no right to demand anything out of it. 

You want me to strip for you, do a naked video chat SO you can delete my other naked pictures. Do you hear yourself? Does this sentence make sense to you?


Strip butt naked, come on the video call and I’ll shag it off for you. You’ll do whatever I tell you to do. Show me whatever I tell you to.

I’m Leaking My Ex’s Dirty Messages And Audio Notes Because He’s Left Me With No Options

Him: That’s why I’m giving you a way out.
Her: What way
Him: Told you. It’s an easy way out. After that you’ll never have any problem from my side.
Her: What’s an easy way out?
Him: And I swear on myself. Ua ka pic. And naked video chat.

I’m Leaking My Ex’s Dirty Messages And Audio Notes Because He’s Left Me With No Options

Her: Look at yourself first.
Him: I have. It’s an easy way out ***. Coz I won’t be caught, I’ve made sure of that. I don’t want to ruin your life. Neither do you want me to. So I’m giving you this way out. Take it ***.
Her: Having a girlfriend you want to do this?
Him: It won’t hurt you. My girlfriend knows. It was her idea partially. Take it ***.
Her: You don't have the audacity to call me.

Let me take a moment to laugh at how you think you won't get caught. I feel sorry for you and your girlfriend. Also, I refuse to believe that a woman convinced you to do this. I'm sorry that I was ever in that position with you in life where you could take my pictures and keep them with you for life. You told me that you'd deleted them after we broke up but wait, what was I thinking? You're a desperate man, who can go to any extent to satisfy his disgusting needs.  

I’m Leaking My Ex’s Dirty Messages And Audio Notes Because He’s Left Me With No Options

Her: But you will still upload it.
Him: No.
Her: Kya guarantee?
Him: I’ll send my album screenshots. All deleted.
Her: You sent it before and today you say you didn’t delete them.
Him: *** if you don’t do it now, I’ll really upload it. Now tell me yes or no first.
Her. What guarantee rey?
Him: Okay I give you guarantee that I’ll upload it if you don’t say yes or no now.
How about that?

I should've judged your character when you cut yourself multiple times in college. I kept giving you the benefit of the doubt because love makes us blind, I guess. Now, I want to say it out loud here, I am NOT going to commit suicide ever in my life, you can pester me all you want. It's not happening, it was never going to happen. I wanted to just partake sometimes in your insanity but now I'm done. 


I’m not playing games ______ anymore. You come to the call, you come to the video call and there are 2 options. Tumhara chutiyon wala suicide jo tum bol rahe ho woh tum zindagi mein kabhi karogi nahi. Doosra you can stop me from doing it. Choose 1. Fast.)

If you're so desperate to see someone die for you, look at your parents die a little after they read this. They'll want to hang their heads in shame that they gave birth to a piece of shit like yourself. So, STOP giving 'committing suicide' to me as an "option". It never was and you're right, you shouldn't believe me when I say I'd commit suicide because I'm definitely pro-life. However, I did believe it every time you blackmailed me with that threat. I know you're capable of it, you are that insane and weak, and so I forced myself to keep in touch with you. But, no more. You're not my responsibility.

You need help but you're getting nothing from me.

Now, go shag to all my pictures that you have saved in your Google Drive because you're most certainly getting no more. 

So, here you go with my answer that you oh-so-desperately sought.

I’m Leaking My Ex’s Dirty Messages And Audio Notes Because He’s Left Me With No Options

Her: What is the reason?
Him: I’ll tell you after you do it.
Her: You are playing dirty games with me. I always supported you.
Him: Yes or no??? 
Yes or no???
Her: You said you loved me.
Him: Tell fast.
(Missed call from him)

I’m Leaking My Ex’s Dirty Messages And Audio Notes Because He’s Left Me With No Options

Her: And this is how you do it?
Him: Yes or no???? Tell. Fast. No reply??
(Missed call from him)
Him: Fine uploading now.
(Missed call from him)
(Missed call from him)
Yes or no????
(Missed call from him)
Ignoring me??

My answer is NO.  

UPDATE: This post was edited on 31st January, 2017 to protect the accused's identity, as requested by the victim. Here's the follow up, What Happened With The Guy Whose Messages And Voice Notes Were Leaked