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If My Childhood Friend Can Cheat On Me, There's Nobody In The World Left For Me

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I am 22 years old right now. I used to love a girl from the time I was in class 6. And suddenly out of nowhere she proposed to me when we were in class 9 on 19th January 2011. It was a dream come true for me. I got the love of my life. I got the girl I always dreamed of. We had a wonderful relationship with all sorts of happiness.

Then after 6 years of relationship, suddenly she started feeling bored of me and started losing feelings for me but she never let me knew about this. She kept on saying "I love you, I will always be with you, I will never leave you."

I was such an emotional fool, I used to believe all her words. Then came a time after college in 2017 July, she went to Bangalore for her masters. We both were in a long distance relationship. I went to meet her once in August. That time I heard a name call Umang. But never paid attention to it.

Then suddenly she came back to our hometown in November and broke up with me, blaming me that I was not at all emotional, or supportive and never understood her. I was so depressed because of this. I was thinking all day long, what did I do? What was my fault?

And now I came to know that she loves that guy and is in a relationship with him. But what hurts me more is that after the breakup, she just behaved with me like I was an animal. An unwanted human being in her life. She was rude to me.

Her boyfriend told me not to wish her on her birthday, stay away from her, for her happiness. I listened to him because I wanted her to be happy. Her happiness is what I craved for.

But she could have said this to me herself. I had never stopped her from sharing her thoughts with me. She couldn't even tell me the truth by herself. She just kept on blaming me. And eventually, she broke me apart completely.

I lost my faith in love. I cannot trust anyone again. If my childhood friend can cheat on me, betray me for someone whom she knew for just 4 months, I don't know if there is anyone I can actually count upon. She was my life my support system. And yes, I still love her with all my heart and will always love her!

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