I Wasn't Ready To Get Married But She Came Into My Life And Changed Everything

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 16 February, 2018


It was the month of February and I was sitting in the staffroom checking the notebooks of students. I raised my head for some fresh air and saw a female colleague filling water in her red water bottle.

For the next few days, I coincidentally had a free period whenever she returned from her class.

I always found her filling water and it caught my attention. I wondered how on earth was she so thirsty during the chilly winter!

I started observing her but couldn’t see her face as she was wearing an abaya and had her face covered too.

During that time, I was using Facebook under a different name and found a friend suggestion. After seeing the name I realized that she was my colleague.

However, I had never seen her face because all the female teachers wore abaya.

I sent her a friend request and after a few days, she accepted it. I initiated a chat with her, without hoping for a reply, as I didn’t expect her to chat with me. I was also afraid that she might complain to the Principal.

But she replied and we started chatting for about an hour every night. Slowly, we also began sharing our personal matters with each other.

She was completely unaware of the fact that I was one of her colleagues.

I pretended that I stayed in Delhi, and was disturbed and tired after giving several job interviews. I made her feel that I was someone who needed employment at the earliest.

So, she suggested that I migrate to the city where she was living. She also suggested the name of her school where I could apply for a teaching job.

I was surprised by her courtesy because she didn’t know me well, yet she was trying her best to find me employment.

Gradually, we became closer. We discussed our problems and tried helping each other in the best possible way.

I started developing feelings for her but at the same time, I felt hopeless because if she discovered the reality, my dreams of making her my life partner would be destroyed.

I was not prepared for marriage till a month ago when I was in Delhi working in the corporate sector. My mind was tired of working in a corporate where there were neither monetary savings nor time for myself.

I had to migrate to this city, which is famously known as the "City of Education" or "City of Locks". I switched my job and was happy working as a teacher.

As the days passed by, she became suspicious about the truth but I tried my best to hide my identity.

Suddenly, one night, she asked me to be honest and tell her who I really was. I still remember it was Friday night, and on the same day, I’d given a small presentation in front of all the teachers in school.

I finally replied, "I’m the one who gave the presentation on Teaching Methods." There was complete silence on the other side for the next few minutes.

I was scared that I’d be called to the principal’s office the very next day! Even she was thinking about the same thing (she told me later).

Then she sent me a message asking to promise her that I wouldn’t tell anyone about us. Even I requested for the same and we promised to not share anything with anyone in school.

This was not just a promise of keeping our secret safe but also a silent promise of being together forever.

Now, I was in a dilemma because I’d started liking the teacher whom I’d seen regularly filling water. So I asked her, "Aren't you the one with the red water bottle?"

With the blessings of God, I got the reply I wanted!

It was like getting a positive reply to my proposal. This brought us closer and we decided to get married.

When we told our parents about our relationship, we faced a few obstacles. But it’s been three years now and finally, our parents have agreed to our marriage.

During these years, we've had several fights but have always complemented each other well.

Whenever she gets angry, I stay patient, and she does the same when I am upset. She has always encouraged me and brings out the best in me.

I never imagined that I could compose poems but she inspired the poet in me.

Today I am a proud composer of almost 50 poems! I lovingly call her 'pyaari' and I hope she reads this article.

I just want to repeat the line that I said while proposing to her, "I want to hold your hand and go to Jannat with you, would you like to come?"

I know you are ready. So let's start our wedding preparation!

Author's Note:

If you want to achieve love, you must have patience. Tolerance and ignorance of small issues are the building blocks of a healthy relationship and you must make her feel that she is the queen of your heart.

Editor's Note:

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