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I Wanted To Marry Her But She Offered Me Money To Leave Her

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People change…times change…It is true, so true.

I was in love with a girl who was senior to me in college. She was in M.Tech while I was in the 3rd year of B.Tech. I used to like her and so, I proposed to her. After about 4 months, she accepted my proposal. I was very serious about her and wanted to marry her. But we belonged to different castes; she belonged to a higher caste than me.

I always asked her about our future together because in Orissa, caste matters more than humanity.

But she would always assure me to not worry about anything, as she would manage everything. We soon became extremely close; we would meet daily, go to the park, restaurants, everywhere we were together. We even got physically close with each other. Things were going very well between us.

As the time went by, with every passing week and month, I knew she was the one that I would marry.

Then after about 8 months of our relationship, she started avoiding me. I kept trying to speak to her, to know what was wrong. Finally, she told me that she wanted to break up. But there was no valid reason to break up! She said that her family wouldn’t allow us to be together. I thought “What The Hell!” We had spoken about this even before we started our relationship. Then why was she saying all this after such a long time? I just couldn’t understand.

Soon, she started avoiding me with the help of her sister's friend. I was so upset that I ended up abusing that friend.

Ultimately, she confessed that she didn’t love me, that it was just an attraction.

I waited for her for 5 months. I tried to convince her, to make her understand, I kept saying “Please, don’t do this. I can’t live with you.” But she didn't care.I was in depression. I wanted to kill myself. I even tried riding my bike at a high speed in an attempt to finish my life. But I couldn’t.

She even offered me money to leave her.

I was so frustrated! I told her, “You slept with me without feeling any love.” She threatened that she would commit suicide. But I told her that I didn’t care. If she wanted to die, she could die! I just don’t understand what such girls want.

I lost my respect, lost everything. Today I am living like a dead body.

I’ve thought of telling her family about what she did to me. At least, in the future, she won’t lie to any other person and ruin his life like mine.

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