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I've Been Away From Home For 8 Years. The Reason Is....

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I left my home without informing anyone. It's been eight years since then.
I am alone because I don't want my family to suffer because of my sexuality. I was born in a small town in Odisha, where people are more cultured and conservative. Surviving there as a boy with introversion and feminine behaviour was not an easy task for me. I've never bothered about what people say or think about me because what matters to me the most is my parents.
When they told me to behave like a man because the society where we live wouldn't accept me as a gay person, I decided to leave that place.
I used to adore watching my mother stitch with a hand machine. My interest in fashion clothing grew from here only. I tried stitching using my mother's saree. When I was in school, it was in my mind that I would be making big dresses when I grew up. Just like every parent is concerned for their child's future, my parents also advised me to go for technical studies so that I could bag a job with a handsome salary. But, my interest relied upon fashion clothing only. My career took a boom during my college days. I used to guide coordinators and my fellow mates with creativity while organising some events like a fashion show. In 2017, I got a chance to choreograph and groom a group of transwomen for 'The Transgender Beauty Pageant.' I successfully did this work both on a national and international level.
My passion helped me grow in this field regardless of what people think.
And the day was not far away when one of my candidates was 1st runner up in Colombia at 'Miss International Trans.' I am living like a carefree bird. I have been able to live a happy life by ignoring all negativity and terrible things. Now, things are different. This Pride Month, my mother is living with me. She is now more flexible. She is no longer telling me to marry a woman. That is one of the best things that ever occurred to me.
After all, a mother is a blessing that no one can replace.
Some so-called political objectives undertaken by local groups and people to preach hatred upset me. They call us using slang like chhakka, meetha, and other abusive words. People like us feel harassed and excluded due to the homophobia spread by them. The government should do something against such people and take decisions for the transgender community. It will reduce suicidal cases and fear amongst LGBTQIA+ individuals. My friends and acquaintances have questioned, "Why are all the fashion designers gay?" This foolish question makes me giggle, and I feel glad to be a gay man and a fashion designer. Every dawn marks the beginning of a new chapter in the trip. I experience, learn, and then repeat the process.
I'm proud to be Sidhant, and I'll pray to God that I'll love living this life from every birth. I find more colours in my life, and I have more experiences.

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