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I Ruined A Great Relationship And I'm Thankful For It

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We met through Yahoo messenger. During those days I was really lonely and to avoid it, I would chat with people on the messenger. That is when I met him. I saw his picture and he saw mine. We decided to meet and we start dating each other.

When I met him, I was going through emotional trauma and was looking for someone with whom I could share my feelings and my pain. I felt like he was the one I wanted to spend my life with.

I proposed to him and even though we were from different religions, we decided to go ahead with it and talk to our parents when the time is right.

I was in my final year of graduation and he was preparing for his MBA. He got admission at a good university in Lonavala. We were in a healthy relationship and he used to call me everyday. We were living in two different cities, almost 700-800kms away from each other.

I trusted him. One day he told me about a friend he had made; he would talk about her all the time and I thought it’s just normal friendship. One day he called me and said he was going out of town with his friend. I gave him permission as he was begging over the phone.

Slowly, I started feeling that he isn’t showing enough interest in me. One day I spoke about this to a friend of mine and I realized that he might be having an affair with the other girl.

In order to check my boyfriend’s reaction, I told him I want to break up with him as I like someone else. For two days he cried and begged me not to leave so I figured I was wrong and went back to him. However, at this point he said he can’t be with me any longer and that we should only be friends. I was shattered.

I was at fault; I asked him to come back to me but he never did. I had to agree to go for an arranged marriage. It’s been four years now and thankfully, my husband and his family are really nice.

He went ahead and married that friend of his and now I think, maybe I was right and thankfully, we never got married.

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