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I Now Had A Tough Time Managing Both My Girlfriends Secretly

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There have been so many beginnings and endings in my life. I don’t know where I should actually start from. I had a friend when I was in school. I liked her a lot.

But I could not tell her this because I was afraid of losing her.

I was in the 6th standard when I got admission in a boys’ boarding school. I came home only twice in a year so it was difficult to meet her.

After around 6 years, I decided to write a love letter to her. I asked my best friend to give this letter to her when he met her. 

One fine day, my friend managed to give the letter to her. I got a reply within 3 days. She clearly refused to enter into any kind of relationship with me because she wanted to focus on her career. I was heartbroken and cried a lot.

After 2 years, I met another girl in my cousin’s wedding. We liked each other. I proposed to her and she accepted the proposal immediately. One day, I was browsing through my social media pages when I met another girl. This girl was my cousin’s friend. I messaged her.

But actually, I was mistaken. I had messaged my cousin's friend's sister. Obviously, she did not recognize me. I checked her profile and realized my mistake. This happened because she was added as a sister in the family section of Facebook. After realizing my mistake, I messaged the right profile and the chat began.

She was my junior in school but she could not recollect much about me. We exchanged numbers. Every night we had long conversations with each other over the phone.

I was doing my B.Tech and she was doing her B.D.S. One night, while we were talking over the phone, her younger sister called her. She wanted to know whom she was talking to at this time of the night. My girlfriend told her my name and included her in our conversation over a conference call. 

That was the first time I talked to her younger sister and I was impressed.

She was studying in 12th standard and was attending coaching classes at Kota Institute. My girlfriend and I had a fight over the phone due to this and we stopped talking over the phone.

Now I started talking with her younger sister.

I am somewhat good at my studies, especially physics. She called me often because she needed my help with her studies. We conversed quite often and soon we were in a relationship. Things were going on quite nicely.

But the girl whom I had met at my cousin’s wedding came to know about our affair. She got really angry. Since both of them now knew each other, they wanted me to leave the other girl. I had a tough time managing both of them secretly.

One day the girl I had met at my cousin's wedding visited my other girlfriend. She told her that I was hers and asked her to leave me. That was the day one girlfriend left me and I had to leave another.

I still miss the one who left me. She had helped me a lot and had inspired me to become a better person.

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