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I Came Very Close To Losing The Most Important Thing In My Life Just To Look Good

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Hello everyone, I don't know if it is worth telling my story here, but I feel like the experience I had needs to be put forward. Last night was a usual night for me. My dad was back from work and my mum was cooking. I had an off from my work so I was chilling.

Recently, I had visited one of my cousins in Delhi. There, I observed how fashionable people are, their dresses, their hairstyles, hair dyes etc. So when I came back home, I had this urge to dye my hair.

I tried one brand, I don't want to mention the name here, and I was happy with the result. So yesterday, I re-dyed my hair because I felt my hair colour had faded away. I got done with my hair colour, took a bath at around 10:30 pm in the night then I had my dinner late and was off to bed. Before going to bed, I had a huge argument with my parents regarding my marriage and the works.

The environment was heated and we went off to sleep. Suddenly, I had an itching sensation on my hands and legs. At first, I felt it was usual as I am quite sensitive to allergens and have been always, it went off on its own many times.

But, this time it was different. It slowly spread over my entire body, from my scalp to toes. I started scratching aggressively. My mom noticed it and asked me not to do so as it is not good. It made my skin very red and in a span of seconds, I had raised skin bumps and rashes. My condition was horrible and beyond control. I did not panic. Being a medical transcriptionist and having some idea about medical conditions and other medicinally related things, I knew that it’s an allergic reaction to the dye I had used. I grabbed the medical kit and searched for an anti-allergic and there were none. I looked for Benadryl syrup since it can also help, but even that wasn't there. I looked for an asthma tablet because I had childhood asthma and we always had it in stock. Even though it was not an immediate anti-allergen, it is taken for asthma, since asthma is also a type of allergic reaction, I thought it should help. To my horror, we were out of stock. I stopped panicking, assuming that it would be okay if I relaxed and laid back. But no! The itching was very severe. Then, I decided I would take a bath once again so that I could feel better. I headed towards the bathroom.

As soon as I entered, I felt light headed, short of breath, blood pressure falling down, and I could feel my pulse slowing; this was most horrific feeling, I can’t explain it in words. By then, I knew that it was going to get worse, and that I need medical help. I called out to my mom, she didn't respond. They both were asleep.

Somehow, I regained my strength and opened the door of my room. I was unable to breathe, I took deep gasps of breath and shouted, "Dad? I need help. My condition is not good. I need to see the doctor." My mom heard it and they both panicked. My mother explained to him that I have been struggling with body itching for 40 minutes and that I am not well. It was 1 am. My dad called up my relatives and was explaining my condition. Meanwhile, my cousin arrived, I sat in the open air and I felt quite better. As my cousin and aunt came, we went to the doctor and he said that she looks better now and gave me an anti-allergen with a prescription. Guys, this might seem like a normal, not-so-happening story. But this episode of two hours taught me many things: One, how valuable life is. I was suicidal at one point in my life when my family conditions were not good. If I had a heartbreak, every now and then I would say, I want to die. Last night, at the moment when I had my heart beat slowing and head spinning, I realized the value of life. Second, the precious gift of parents. No matter how different your thinking is from your parents’, no matter how many heated conversations you have with them, they are the first ones to come to your rescue.

Last night, I had almost decided to join a hostel after the fight, to stay away from them. But the fear and panic they displayed looking at my condition is priceless.

The third and most important thing, always be careful about what you eat and what you use on your body. When it is mentioned on the label to attempt patch test, please do. Allergic reactions will not just stop with an itch and a rash in most cases, they can be very severe, causing an anaphylactic reaction and even death in severe cases. After this experience, I realized that fashion should be kept in its own place and health in its own. Hair dyes, hues, highlights are common nowadays. Be careful about the brand you use, the chemical agents in the ingredients and it is best to seek professional help/guidance. After all, health is wealth.

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