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I Always Thought Marriages Would Be Disasters Until He Dropped Me Home That Day

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Marriage is a lifetime investment. Our future depends on that one decision that we make.

But when it comes to a love marriage, our happiness itself is a huge responsibility. I was afraid of the very concept of marriage. I saw the people around me suffering because they decided to get married when it was not meant for them. I was 24 and growing fast, and my mother (like any other Indian mother) was worried about my marriage. I am a short person and I got rejected once after the boy's family scanned me from top to bottom saying "ladki to achi hai par height bahut kam hai".

It shook me and hit my self-respect. I told my mother that she should no longer search a boy for me because I refused to be an exhibition in front of people. I had many friends in college and I met a guy on social media through one of them. At that time, we both going through a heartbreak. So just to divert the mind, we talked. He was very nice and caring. He never addressed me by name. But at that time, no friendship could live large on social media. So I lost myself in my college life and almost forgot about him.

But it was always him. He always took care of us. So he texted me first. I asked him to meet me but we never met. I always used to tease him to get married because of his age. He was 28, the perfect age for a man (according to our society) to get married.

After graduation, I got admission in a university and the contact was broken. One night, it was raining heavily and I was very scared. I texted him, and in no time, he called me. We talked until I slept, and I promised him that this time I will not vanish and I will stay in touch.

And one day, as I was going to the university, I got a call from him. He asked me to meet. I was very happy, excited, and at the same time, a little bit nervous. It was the second time in five years that we met. I asked him about his plans for marriage. He asked me the same, and I told him that I hate arranged marriages. I told him that if I ever married, it would be a love marriage.

He dropped me home and suddenly proposed me for marriage, and I was shocked! When I reached home, he asked for an answer. I told him that I don't want to flirt and don't want a relationship if it doesn't have any future. After some days, he told his family about us and I told mine.

A year later, after I finished my masters, we got married. Both of us were growing older and were running out of time.

Today, we've been happily married for five months. He loves me and cares for me like a baby. I'm still short and he's super-tall. People say we look like Amitabh and Jaya Bachchan.

We cherish every single moment of our life. We fight about silly things, but they don't last long. Our love is stronger and I'm proud of us. I'm happy that I decided to marry him.

Not all marriages turn into disasters. I loved him when I married him. But today, it's more than that. I'm madly in love with my husband.

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