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How It Feels To Fight Cancer In An Abusive Family

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Angel - people generally don't believe in one. But I got lucky as I have met one, a year ago on Facebook. He was my senior from the same school. I still remember as I used to be shocked seeing his Facebook updates.I wondered how a person could travel so much.

One day I asked him, ‘Bro, what do you do? How do you get a chance to travel so much?’ We started our conversation from here and I don't know how and why he was having some spark! There was something special that I opened pages of the book of my life in front of him.

I told him that I am an orphan. I live with my uncle and aunt. My biological father, even though alive never ever met me. He never tried to talk to me.

My whole family hated me. I used to work as a servant for them. I was molested for almost a year by our neighbour but my family believed him. My parents (whom I used to live with) always loved their children.

They sent them away for higher studies but made me study from an open university. Angel shared his contact with me and since then I have been sharing a very comfortable relationship with him. Whenever I am happy or sad, I just message him on WhatsApp and he is always there for me.

He is my ANGEL, my BHAIYA, the only person I trust. He is my God, my confession box, father, mother and brother to me. I got to know that I am suffering from cancer. It is seriously very painful when you are having such a serious health issue and still people beat you and fight with you. Angel thinks that I should fight back but he doesn't understand that I can't.

I am not so strong with my health. And I'm not that stable to hit back or fight back, as I don't have a single penny with me.

Even though I work in a school and my family takes all my money, I don't even have my documents with me. Angle suggests me to either run away or fight back but I’m not in a condition to do either of that. What should I do?

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