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How I Fell In Love With God: It Happened

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Those were the best Sunday evenings – my mother had put a scarf on the bed for me to carry along after I got ready and left the room. I hurriedly sat in the car with my family and there came the question, “Did you get your chunni?” my mom asked. “Oh, no!” I said in a sad tone, knowing for a fact that my father would not let me get that scarf because it called for unlocking three doors of the house.

I loved going to Gurudwara because that was the only place where I could sit silently with my eyes closed and nobody would dare ask me what I was thinking.

This question was, however, asked from me every time I sat with a blank face in college or at home. But when I was at the Gurudwara, I could very well think of all the things my brain had accumulated aside for quite a while. I could say to anybody calling me for no real reason, “Man, I am in the Gurudwara, I can't talk.” Picking a call in the Gurudwara was something I loved because the call could be completed in just 4 seconds.

My craving for more and more personal space was so intense that I went on to read many religious books that were there in the Gurudwara just so I would not be disturbed in between. In this process that was repeated every Sunday, I was unknowingly being connected to someone much bigger than me.

I was talking incessantly with a soft voice inside me and was getting humble answers, sometimes from the preacher sitting right next to the holy book, “Guru Granth Sahib Ji”. I wondered how he knew what I was thinking, and how quick he was in attending to my questions.

As I read more, I got more answers. I was a changed person every time I came back home – more relaxed, at peace with myself.

I was beginning to understand the deepest meaning of words written in holy books that I had never heard of before. Reading those texts filled me with more strength and wisdom.

It wasn't that I didn't believe in God before; I still remember filling “tell something about yourself” column of slam books in school with a big line – I am very religious.

I’d always had faith in God but I realized that the 'Ultimate faith' is what leads you to the road to spirituality, to finding one's own self, the purpose of one's creation. Ultimate faith is very important because it is only this kind of faith that does not flicker once you hit the bad road. It is not shattered by the worst of the circumstances. It remains there even if you end up on the roughest road because you know it is all the will of your lord. And as long as it is his will, the roughness really doesn't matter. You accept whatever he has in store for you by surrendering to him with complete positivity and smile on your face.

Spirituality to me is true love – love with the God, the God that is inside all of us.

It is being true to him and to all others because God resides in every human being. It is being constantly connected to him and relishing every moment of life taking his name. It means a heart filled with compassion for beings that are is his own creation. It means giving oneself completely to your lord – just like we do in true love!

Trust me, the road to spirituality is not at all easy but all you need to do is take a few right steps and your lord shall not let you take the wrong steps any further.

The distance between you and spirituality is of course huge, but the journey is amazing.

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