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Here's Why Having A Sustainable Lifestyle Is Important.

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I never intended to start a blog, but we do a lot of activities with our son and live a sustainable lifestyle as a family. This is what we do, and our son does it as well. So, I thought, why not create some content about it? People may realise that living a sustainable lifestyle is not difficult, and raising children in this manner will benefit them.

I believe that in future, we would like our children to have a sustainable lifestyle, so why not start teaching it to them today?
If they get it early in life, they will become accustomed to it. Being conscious of the environment is part of being sustainable. You start making better choices as soon as you become aware of your actions and how they affect everything around you. And I believe that's it; as soon as you start making better choices, you begin living a sustainable life. It's not as complicated as it appears, and you can do it in whatever way suits you best; for us, it meant minimising our waste and consumption. You can start composting at home using the wet waste from your fruits and veggies daily.

By asking Abir whether he wanted to help, I used to pique his interest in composting and bio-enzyme production. So, if I ask him if he wants to help me produce bio-enzymes, he'll drop everything and come to my aid. When you involve your children in activities, they enjoy them. Children enjoy helping us.

Don't be stressed about your child's mistakes.

Allow your child to make mistakes, trip, and play in the mud since even mud is beneficial to your child's health, as it aids in the development of immunity and stamina. Don't scold or panic if they get wounded a little; instead, teach them that it's normal to be hurt occasionally, but they must be cautious. Apart from learning from their elders, children must make their own mistakes to learn and grow.

Motherhood has completely changed my lifestyle and introduced me to a new perspective on what is going on in the world because I am concerned about my son's future. Because of him, I began researching climate change, environmental crises, waste crises, and other related issues. I am committed to changing our lifestyle, doing anything we can, and stopping contributing to this massive problem. That, in my opinion, is the best thing that could have happened to us. I've found my calling so late in life since I'm enthusiastic about raising awareness about sustainability among people. And it's because of him that I've discovered it.

Touch wood, I didn't have any medical issues during my pregnancy. Everyone told me it was too late to have a child, I would have medical problems, etc.,when I was about to turn 38.

I wanted to remind everyone that there is nothing like the "right" age to have a child; you may have a child when you're ready.
Just take care of yourself. I used to go for a walk every day, eat well, and take care of myself. People will counsel you on what to do and what not to do while pregnant, but you should do what seems right to you.

If someone tells you about a miscarriage, a sick child, or anything else that gives you negative energy, back away; you don't need that negativity in your life!

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