He Used Me For Seven Years And He's Still Not Done With His Abuse

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 14 August, 2017

I was young when I met him. I always wanted a fairy tale in my life where a guy loves me more than anything in the world, but I was never so lucky with it. We met in college and became friends for a couple of years. After college, we continued meeting outside. We were happy together but all of the sudden, I got the news that he got engaged to another girl who was our college-mate.

I was too innocent for him at that time and after his engagement also, we continued to date. After a year, I joined his business and helped him with it. I never knew what was on his mind, but one day, I got to know about his marriage, and left him with tears in my eyes.

But God had different plans for me at that time, and after a few months he came back in my life, promising to marry me, because he loves me and he was not happy with that girl. I still resent being so innocent and emotional for him. I accepted him and we again started dating each other. But trust me, I was not happy even for a single day.


Everyday, I used to cry and think about his marriage but somehow, he convinced me that he loves me only, and he would marry me. But you won't believe what happened after that. I waited seven years for him to get married to me but he never bothered, and in the meantime his wife got pregnant also, and he was blessed with a son.

After a long wait of seven years, one day I decided to leave him and decided that I should make my life better. But he was not okay with it. I did everything for that guy but he never bothered. I helped him financially for his business I used to pay for our trips. He used all my credit cards for his family, which are still pending payment.

Today I'm not with him but he still thinks I made a mistake by leaving him. He never realized his mistake of destroying my life. Today I'm at all alone.

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