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He Changed After Our Engagement And I Was Left Alone Fighting For Our Eight Year Long Relationship

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I am a girl from Nepal, pursuing my MBA. I am engaged to the love of my life and getting married soon. We dated each other for almost 8 years and then finally our parents accepted us. I belong to a Marwari family and he is also from the same community. In the beginning, my parents never wanted me to marry him but a few months back he sent a proposal to my parents, so my mom and brother convinced my dad and he accepted it just to prioritise my happiness. He is quite a simple guy, loving, caring and always protecting me from what I fear.

I loved him like anything and he loved me the same way. His caring nature won my heart and I fell in love with him more deeply. We promised a lot many things to each other, before the engagement and he gave me his time as well. But now, after all this while we both are finally engaged and it was like our dream come true, but he behaves like he is not happy with me. Of course, we kissed each other but that does not matter.

After few days of engagement, he started changing, giving priority to his family, friends or third person but if I would question him then the answer would be that I am irritating him.

Even if I would make 100 calls to him, it would not matter if he was not in the mood to talk. He would neither decline nor receive nor say anything and if I would call up at his home to check if he was okay then arguments would start. I kept on crying every time and wondered if he would change. My parents almost called it off, but I somehow convinced them and saved it. If I would say him "aaj rishta tut tey hue bacha”, then the response would be “you needed it, not me".

Listening to such comments, I was broken but as I was madly in love with him I always ran behind him.

My brothers even told me that usually, guys chase girls like I chase him. Once I told him, “you never call up my mom and dad”, and he asked, “they are your parents why should I call them?” But as for his parents, he would force me to talk to them. Girls, please marry a guy who respects you and your parents. Today it’s our seventh-month engagement anniversary and I kept on waiting for him, but he slept off even after knowing that I was waiting for him.

Marry a guy who keeps you happy, motivated and loves you in any condition, not someone who is just with you for your body.

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