His Love Took Away My Cancer But What He Did After Makes Me Want To Kill Myself

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 4 April, 2017

I’m have a field job in the automobile sector so my mental and physical strength is way too much to support me while I keep going with my tough life. I met him in 2011, he approached me for some tuition notes and I helped him with those happily. That was it.

After 2-3 times we started chatting on Facebook messages and then came the long sweet phone calls. Life seemed to be beautiful and precious. I wanted to achieve heights in my career but with him. After a few months I was diagnosed with uterus cancer and I had to leave my job for treatment.

We didn’t make any promises to meet again or anything but we cried a lot. That was the first time we realised that we were in love but we couldn't say it because it would've hurt even more.

After two months I managed to come back and resume my studies for one more month and that entire one month we spent together. I used to clean his house, clothes, cook food and what not. It was one of its kind experience. We loved it. But again I had to leave for Durgapur for three months. Somehow I managed to keep my phone with me and we stayed in touch.

It was a beautiful feeling. I loved myself even more with that cancer. I often forgot about my disease and I successfully got the cancer removed from my body.

I feared for my life then because I wanted to live for him, with him. We came too close. After a few months I started working in another automobile company. He was pursing M. Tech. We used to meet monthly and our relationship was crossing new stages every day. We both were enjoying every second of it. I used to buy him everything he wished for. We visited every luxurious place, which we couldn’t afford earlier. I made his birthdays special and that too every year.

After a few months he started acting strange, he started lying and was distracted. I can’t explain what he did to me because it makes me want to kill myself every time I think of it. I'm sorry.