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A Prank Gave Me The Best Story Of My Life...

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It was never love at first sight. When I first saw him, he appeared average. We soon began talking for hours over the phone and constantly teased and pulled each other's legs. We once joked about deceiving our friends by claiming to be in a relationship so that we could look at their faces and chuckle.

When we recounted the joke, we were the ones who were astonished, not them. They stated they knew there was something between us and that they used to speak about it and wonder why we weren't together. That day, I looked at him differently.

We continued to lie instead of revealing the truth, and it didn't seem wrong.

I couldn't stop thinking about how I didn't feel inappropriate when he casually wrapped his arms over my shoulders in front of everyone. One day, we were talking when he approached a complete stranger and assisted him with his bike. He looked breathtaking. I stared at him for a while because he asked me what had happened.

He drove me home, but I got the feeling I had left a piece of me with him. I wasn't the same person I used to be. And I realised I hadn't been the same since we started talking. I was smiling more than usual. I was happier.
Later that day, I informed him that I would be out of town for a week and spoke about the prank we had begun with our friends. He said he had no idea what we were going to do, but he enjoys it when others call me his girlfriend.

He also likes it better when I am with him. I was relieved, but more than that, I was delighted. However, it instantly reminded me of something that shook me to my core.

I remembered being in love before; I remembered someone else speaking these same phrases before; I remembered someone who seemed to love me but then abandoned me. I remembered the sleepless nights; when I did nothing but cry. I remembered how easily someone can use these three magical words and how these words can mess up someone else’s world.
Suddenly, I heard a voice; he was still waiting for me to respond. I said I didn’t know about myself, but I felt happy around him. Besides, I didn’t want to ruin our friendship and our special bond, and he agreed.

He mentioned that this week will be difficult and that he will miss my presence. Perhaps this is a test to see whether there is any truth to what everyone thinks. I nodded, realising that I, too, would miss him. Perplexed, I began packing.

I knew I wouldn't see him that day when I woke up the next morning. He also texted me, claiming he doesn't want to go out since he knows I won't be in town. We communicated throughout the day for the entire week. I liked conversing with him and was looking forward to seeing him again. He stated he was certain of his sentiments, but I responded I wasn't. So he said I may inform him when I return. He'll wait till I'm certain of my feelings.

The day I returned was the happiest of my life. I had planned to propose. I was going to tell him how I felt and how much he had changed my life since the day we met. But there was something else going on inside my head. 

As I got closer to town, the unpleasant sentiments that I had been suppressing for so long became uncontrollable.
I was terrified again, wondering if it was the same. What if I end up alone once more? I needed clarity before heading into town. I was curious as to how this would conclude.
I questioned him why he hadn't said anything if he was certain of his feelings. Why didn't he make a proposal?
So, after a while, he sent me a message in which he expressed his love for me. He also stated that he wanted me to be certain first since I had requested time. He stated that a girl's life normally revolves around a guy, but in our situation, he desired that everything revolve around me. 

He stated that he was aware of how difficult my life had been and wished to be the guy who brought me all of my happiness. He added that he preferred expressing himself in person. He wanted me to be there when he said it so he could witness my response.

I thanked him after reading the message, and he replied that this was what he was looking for. He was scared that if I didn't respond, he would feel fragile and dumb. I told him I loved him as well. I told him how pleased I was to be with him. I told him about my anxieties and why I needed to know we were initially in the same place.

He said he had never felt so happy and couldn't wait to see me the next day.
And thus begins the best story of my life...

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