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My Brother's Life Choices Have Always Inspired Me; This Is His Story

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My brother always had a passion to join Indian Army. Since childhood his drawing book was covered with diagrams of tanks, guns, missiles and what not.

After completing 12th my dad took him for Merchant navy interview and exam, and he cleared out of 400 people and soon after 12th he joined Merchant navy and started earning early.

He is so good that he bought gifts and saved money and gave all to dad when he returned. For some reasons, I don't know what may be his interest or I don't know, he could not clear few last exams. He returned and joined BPO & KPO and with his pure honesty he worked so well and became a recognised employee and I am the witness of it because I have seen lot of certificates.

He use to stay in a PG at Marine drive in a very small small room and at that time my parents were in Vishakhapatnam. Once they were back in Mumbai he continued the same job but due to politics and for some reason he again planned to join Merchant navy with so many plans in his mind and as he always told me he wants to serve the nation and merchant navy is just a path. Pinky(my name) my goal is Territorial Army and I will join it one day.

During this switch he started preparing for the leftover merchant navy exams. Sometimes dad became furious as he crossed 30 years of age but he was still at home. He shared with me that he cried and even thought of suicide because of mental pressure but he survived with his determined thoughts.

During this time, he underwent Appendicitis and Kidney stone of 10 mm surgery back to back because he wanted to be on ship and start earning and fulfil his dream to join the Indian army. His Whatsapp status, Twitter, Fb all is flooded with nation stories and I don't think people even think of these things.

For me, it's an emotional, powerful story. 

Finally he cleared all Merchant navy exams, got the Officer licence and he is in good health too. I love him so so prayers always contain his name.

I always wanted to write and share his powerful story of risk and determination with the world.

All I want to say to him is I love you a lot bhaiya, wish you lots of grand success❤

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