When They Think I'm Sleeping, This Is What My "Liberal" Parents Talk About

Anonymous Anonymous in Single Women Bad Women on 22 August, 2018

Nothing in this world is more difficult than the period between adolescence and adult life. I am soon going to become a doctor and am waiting for my final MBBS results. Ever since my school days, my parents, especially my mom, thought that she was quite jovial with me. But actually, the reality is different. They never stopped me from talking to boys on the phone or in school but they did have a problem with it.

I have heard them discuss among themselves about it when they thought I was asleep.

I also wanted to go for outings with friends like my peers but I had to lie at home to do so. Three times I managed to go but each time was worse than the previous time. There were fights and tears involved and I could barely enjoy such a simple thing. So I stopped myself from wanting to go to these outings. Once my parents were going to the temple and I lied to them saying that I had my period and stayed home, my best friend came over and we both enjoyed the day, bunking school. Finally, I entered medical college and there began ragging ceremonies. On the first day itself, I fought with my cousin. I literally hated living there until I found my soulmate. He is the one who fulfilled all my wishes and maybe the reason why I got involved with him was because of my parents.

He gave me the freedom in love, which my parents did not. He had a level of trust in me, which my parents had not.

Till now, he continues to support me and my parents know about him, thinking he is my friend. They don’t know that he is the one I want to share the rest of my life with. They still keep doubting me but they never doubted our relationship even though I took him home. They think he is a guardian of mine in college, who is the same age as me. They have started finding matches for me. Even though they think that I am not fit enough to go to a movie with my girl besties, they think I am matured enough to handle a family. They say I am not mature enough to look after myself, so how do they think that I am mature enough to care about a person who is elder than me?

Apparently, my dad wants to see me married before he retires.

If I ask him to buy me branded ice cream, he says that as he will retire in two years, I should not think about wasting money on ice cream. I cannot imagine how they will spend money on my wedding, something that I don’t even want. Whatever happens, I know that I am a strong and independent woman who will fight for her survival and her rights.

Even if they don’t want to listen to me, I will not give up until they start to do so.
Editor's Note:

Patriarchy still rules in many households, but women need to realize that if they don't stand up for themselves then no one will. Fight, don't give in. Share this story because it is a reminder that most people still need.