This Is How Independent Girls Fall In Love: I'm Sorry To Beak This To You

Hema Krishnamurthy Hema Krishnamurthy in Single Women Bad Women on 3 April, 2017

Yes. You girls are strongest. You are an independent person, who can think on her own. You are a person who has dreams, aspirations and ambitions just like any other yet in between all this, you just want one person with whom you want to share everything — your feelings, your hopes, your desires, your success, sadness, broken dreams, your perceptions. Everything.

You unconsciously wait for that one person who'd break the walls you have built around yourself. 

And then one day — there comes Prince Charming who would make you fall for him. He may not meet your every expectation but he still manages to sweep you off your feet and you fall in love with him. He will make you believe in love, he fills that void in your heart that you have been keeping for long.

That's when you start changing your priorities, you just start giving him everything you have — your career and dreams take a back seat. You just become ready to change your preferences for him, ready to sacrifice everything in order to be with him. You're passionate in everything you do, you can't help it. 

And eventually you are no more an independent girl, you become vulnerable, he is all that matters to you now. You are a girl and you will prove that again. How much ever you say we are modern, strong and all, you are weaker before that very person who has been your strength.

You can keep saying, "I am not like my mom or grandmom who sacrificed their dreams for their family," you just become them. Yes that's what happens. And even after all this, if he is good, caring and if his love remains constant throughout your life, sure it would strengthen you..

But then unfortunately in many cases, love doesn't last forever. The one you loved truly backstabs you and just vanishes into the thin air. No explanations given. No confessions, nothing. Just a simple goodbye. And he admits that he is truly sorry and doesn't think it will work out anymore.

I know you will be shattered, you will start to hate yourself, you will become insecure. You start to hate your imperfections, you blame yourself for everything, you think you are not good enough for him. You'd think you are not beautiful and that it's completely your fault that he left.

While you go through all this pain, he will be enjoying with his new girlfriend. You sometimes wish all this was just a nightmare and would pass when light creeps in but then, this is reality. I know it hurts, deeply. You would want everything to go back to normal. I know many people will tell you, "He was never correct for you." That you deserve better but still, that wounded heart wants to get healed only by him.

Weeks, months, years will pass, yet you can't become a whole person again.

Everything you see, every matter you listen to makes you think of him, of your conversations, of the endless chats you had. Everything in and around somehow connects to him, you will know that moving on is the most difficult part of life for you. You will know that how much a person's absence can hurt you. You will know how you became dependent on that one person for your happiness.

And slowly when that phase gets over, you will start doubting people. You don't believe anyone anymore. Sure you will have friends but you will keep them at a distance. You will never be naked with your feelings in front of anyone ever again. If someone again comes and treats you better and in a right way, instead of feeling happy, you'll doubt their intentions.

You will have crushes just to distract yourself. And then again you won't have that crush for a very long time because it scares you. It scares you to think about anyone more than a few days. It scares you to get attached to anyone again.

And after all this, people say wounds heal with time. Let me tell you the bitter truth, once broken always remains broken. I'm sorry to break this to you.

But with all the scars you've got, all that pain you've felt, you'd become stronger than ever. I promise.
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