The Man I Loved With All My Heart Is Marrying Another Girl Because He's A Coward

Anonymous Anonymous in Single Women Bad Women on 26 May, 2017

I met him on Facebook, two years ago. It started with a friend request. He was one of my friend’s cousins, so I accepted his friend request. Slowly our chats over Facebook converted into frequent chats over Whatsapp. Then one day, we decided to meet.

That first time I met him, I didn’t feel anything special about him, but after hanging out with him for a while, I started liking him. He started feeling the same for me and confessed it to me. That’s how we started our relationship. I told my sister and even my family about him.

But, I lied to them saying that I met him in college. My family is quite open-minded like that and gradually, my mom started liking him too. One day she said that she wanted a son-in-law just like him. I was overjoyed, hearing this.

Meanwhile, he was quite busy with his job. But he still took out time for me. He used to visit my home on weekends and spend some good time with my family. I too went to his place, for the first time, for Ganesh Chaturthi. After a while, he asked me to marry him. I couldn’t believe my ears and felt like the happiest person alive.

But my happiness was only short-lived, for soon I realised that he didn’t have the guts to tell his dad about us. His mother had passed away and he used to live with his father and grandmother. He found it difficult to talk to them about his relationship. But he kept reassuring me that he'll find the courage to talk to them. 

After a year, though, he said that his family had started looking for a girl for him. He even sent photographs of those girls to me. Of course, I started getting irritated with it all. I was in love with him. My day used to start with him and end with him. We used to keep in touch with each other throughout the day, and talk even late at night. So I asked him if he was serious about me, because my feelings and my commitment to him meant something to me.

He then asked me to let that year pass, and promised that he would definitely talk to his dad, in the next year. Meanwhile, he kept rejecting rishtas. A year passed like this and then one day, he made a huge issue over a silly little fight we had and just like that we ended our relationship.

I thought all couples fight and we'll get over it, but a few days later he messaged me asking me to tell my mother that he was getting married. He was marrying a girl his family had chosen for me. And yet, he wanted to stay in touch with me. Because, he said, he loved me. Truth was, he just wanted a physical relationship with me and like a fool, I kept talking to him, like things were the same as before.

He broke my heart and left me. He gave up on me. Even though his dad asked him if he liked someone else before selecting another girl for him, he didn’t tell him about me. Despite all this, despite his cowardice, he blamed me for our break up.

All I ever did was love him and it became the biggest mistake of my life. 
Author's Note:

Here’s something I want to say to men, everywhere: If you don’t have the courage to fight with your family for the girl you claim to love, don’t love her.