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My Ex Husband Is So Sure I'm A *****, So I Desperately Need Him To Know This

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Dear Ex-Husband,

I would not exchange any pleasantries here, as they have lost their charm for you and me. We have always heard that everything happens for a reason and, at the end, all the scores are settled with a happy ending.

If the end is not happy, then it has not ended yet, apparently.

That is a pretty nice way to console a grieving heart, isn't it? Life is not all about a happy ending, it sometimes gives you a devastating end to the story that you never thought would end. This happened to me as well, and it turned my life upside down. The scars of yesterday keep haunting me and nothing can be done to heal that wound. I am feeling lost and hopeless. Sleepless nights and wet pillows are all that I have now and the biggest wonder is, I cannot blame anyone else for it because I have landed in these troubled waters due to my own mistake. Trusting you and marrying you was the mistake I did. Now, I am all clueless about how to overcome it.

It is not that I haven't tried. I tried but failed even of relentless efforts and now, you have labelled me as a bitch, who deliberately sleeps with men for her pleasure.

But is it really like that, Animesh? How easily you labelled me a slut! But even for once, did you try to step in my shoes? Did you even try to listen to what I had to say? I thought that you will try to know my agony! But no, I was wrong! Maybe it is not your fault.

You are a man after all, and having many girls in your life makes you a stud. And me being a woman, if I even talk to my male colleagues, then it makes me a whore!

What an idealistic way to judge a woman, Animesh! You have not only hurt me and my self-esteem but you have done irreversible damage to our relationship, which I had blind faith in. The day when our relationship started, I was hopeful of a new life, but I never thought that our relationship would turn into a heavy log which would ever hurt either of us and look, it hurt me.

I have paid the price of being with you, by giving up the peace of my mind.

I have tried a lot, but can't make it through. Now, for your sake and mine, I am going to call it quits. I will sign the divorce papers that you have sent. Now, I can easily walk into my own confined world, where I have nothing left, no hopes, no happiness.Yes, I free you from me. You must be elated as you have now gotten rid of a whore called Maya.

PS. All the best wishes for your new life. If possible, please send back all the pictures which we had taken in Goa during our honeymoon trip. If you can’t send them to me, then burn them.

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