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I'm A Woman And I Can Drive

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*For representational purpose only.

Our society generally holds a taboo about women drivers. We are often targeted and told 'we can't drive.'

It has always hurt me seeing even my husband passing such biased comments. It's when we purchased a new car for us, till that time I had never driven a car. Even before I joined my driving classes I obtained my learning license as it’s a mandate to learn driving.

On my very first day, I was a little nervous and scared at the same time. It went on well for the first two or three days. My husband used to keep an eye on 'How I was driving.' He would follow my car, embarrass and distract me. I asked him one day the reason for following me and he replied that, 'I follow you for your safety.' I accepted his reasoning.

The very next day he didn't follow me but he came to pick me up from my driving classes. Being the 4th day of my class, he asked me to drive our own car which I was unable to and could not even start because of nervousness. He scolded me endlessly and even went to abuse the driving class teacher on my inability to drive. I was demotivated and shattered.

I was told to leave the class as I can't drive and it’s not 'everyone's cup of tea'. I apologised for his behavior the very next day. The driving instructor understood and supported me. I never stopped learning how to drive. I went ahead with my classes. He wasn't happy but I was determined to drive my car. Finally, now I can drive independently. I'm happy doing so.

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