I’m A Medical Student And I'm Allowing My Boyfriend To Be Like This With Me

Anonymous Anonymous in Single Women Bad Women on 30 August, 2017

It’s his birthday today but the distance between us has crossed a bay that neither did I wish him, nor is he concerned about it. Travelling back to June 12, 2011, I saw a guy in a grey T-shirt, peeping into the windows of the sleeper bogies to find a seat. I saw him before he saw me. I was going for my admission in a boarding school. We exchanged glances. An innocent fairy tale had just begun.

He belonged to a city close to my hometown, which was exactly the same where my cousins lived. They were familiar with each other. I was 15; my dreams chased me to an international school. He was 19, a college student in the same city. My parents dropped me to the school and went back to our place, it was June 21. We had call days in a boarding school wherein we could call and talk to our parents for ten minutes.

I never called him. It was his birthday on the 20th July when I made my first call from boarding to him. He heard my voice and said, "I knew that you would call me."

Life was all good until I was in boarding. We would meet during my outings in a mall. I would also spare my two minutes to talk to him but that wasn’t sufficient. Hence, I secretly kept a cell phone in order to talk to him.

We travelled home on the same train. But we couldn't meet because I was accompanied by my brother. Everything was okay. After two years, I had completed my 12th standard and was looking for admissions in a medical college. That is when my life turned upside down.

He started avoiding me and treating me as though I was his wife and not a girlfriend. He put a lot of restrictions on me. I wasn't allowed to use WhatsApp after a certain time. I wasn’t allowed to talk to boys. I was so madly in love that I failed to notice that he was actually isolating me from everyone. I agreed to all his terms and conditions.

He never liked my ideas and forced me to do whatever he wanted. A year passed and it was a long distance relationship till then. Then I decided to go for further exam preparations and shifted to his city. We were together and no more in a long distance relationship. Everything looked nice for a while. Soon I realised that I had landed up in his prison. 

I couldn't wear what I wanted; I couldn't even meet my friends. I couldn't even eat what I wanted. I was choking but was madly in love with him. I thought that some day everything will be fine.

Four years went by. I got admission through management quota in a medical college. We were again in a long distance relationship. I dreaded his calls at sharp 4 pm when my classes ended. He would check if I was accompanied by a guy. He didn't allow me to go on outings. His insecurities were growing like tentacles and they were suffocating me. I was a bright student but ended up in management quota just because of him. I made a suicide attempt, he called it a freedom stunt.

Somehow I managed to top my college but he tagged it as a "reward" for having sex with my teachers. My first year of MBBS ended up this way. Now I’m a 2nd-year student, I have built myself so strong in the last 6 years that he doesn't matter to me anymore. He makes a comeback in every 10 days talk to me, abuses me for no reason and returns.

This is the 6th year of our relationship, having nothing in common between us but I don't know why I can't pull myself out of this relationship and manage to stay apart. And yes, it’s his birthday today. He didn't even bother about my wishes!