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I Wish My Daughter Finds The Man I Never Could

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Once again it all started falling apart. Once again I realized that I had made the biggest mistake of my life. Once again my belief got stronger that I was too naive to realize this before, I was too fascinated with the idea of being loved and the idea of a relationship. I was too naive to assume that I will get through everything that comes my way and I would adjust with anything. 

I did adjust with everything, I did try my best, I did everything that I could. But now I was getting tired of it. Now I was seeing how it all went in vain. Now I realize that I was good for him only until I did what he wanted me to. I was so naive to realize that this ruthless world is going to like me only until I did what they wanted me to do.

They say it's a selfish world, and how true it is! At least in my case, I am yet to find a true love. Sometimes I wonder if it even exists. I have never experienced true love from a man. I have heard so many stories and seen movies where the man loves his partner unconditionally and does everything to keep her happy. I wonder to myself, does this happen in real life?

How can someone love a girl unconditionally? Isn’t she always expected to sacrifice everything for others? Isn’t she always expected to adjust according to others? Isn’t she always expected to do things that others want her to do?

If it is so obvious that she has to do all of these then has there ever been a man who loves his partner without these conditional norms? Has there ever been a man who loves his partner the way she is without changing her according to his convenience? I have never come across such a man. Lucky are those girls who find a life PARTNER! I feel extremely jealous of those girls whose partners understand them, whose partners love them the way they are and whose partners praise them in front of others for their madness. Lucky are those women. I am yet to find a man who loves me like that!

All that you want your partner to do is not judge you. The whole world is sitting there to judge you based on how you look, how you walk, how you talk, how you keep your house, how you raise your child, how you take care of your husband and his needs. All that you want is someone who doesn’t care of all this. Someone who loves you for whatever you do. Someone who tells you, it’s ok if you didn’t do this or that. Someone to tell you I am proud of you for managing what you do. I am proud of you for getting up every day and do what you do. I love it when you do things for me. I see it and acknowledge whatever you have done for me. I love you for who you are, for what you do. Someone who will make you feel complete in your imperfections. That’s what a partner is. I am yet to see a love like that. All that I have seen till now is pointing fingers at me for doing something or the other. I am yet to see a man who would like me the way I am with my imperfections. I am yet to see a man like that. I hope my daughter you will find this kind of unconditional love in your life where you can just be! Where you do not have to worry about being yourself. I hope my daughter you would find someone like that in your life.

Yes, I have experienced this unconditional love, but not from a man. I understood the meaning of unconditional love through my daughter! My life! For her I am the best even if I look bad, I am the best even if I scold her, I am the best even if I don’t do what she likes me to do. For her, I am the best and for me, she is the best! I do not think any man can ever give this unconditional love to his woman. Men are a selfish breed, I wish and hope that my daughter at least finds someone who really loves her for what she is. I will teach her how not to get into the trap and understand and be with someone only when you love him. I really wish she finds true love.

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