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I Was Forced To Choose Between My Husband And My Child

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Ours was a story that started on Facebook. Unfortunately, it didn't turn out to be the love story that I had imagined.

It all started with a friend request that he sent me. Since he belonged to the same caste as me, I accepted his request. Soon, we started chatting online and suddenly one day, he proposed to me.

Initially, I ignored his proposal, but he kept insisting that he was serious about the relationship.

Seeing his commitment made me believe that I had finally found my man, the one who truly loved me. So I finally said yes.

I then had the task of trying to convince my family for our alliance. At the beginning, they were against the relationship, but later, this man, who was soon going to be my husband, convinced them that he was the only man who could keep their daughter happy.

Both the families finally agreed and the happiest day of my life (or so I thought), our wedding day arrived. The marriage was solemnized as per tradition and culture at our hometown.

After a week of the wedding, both of us moved to the place where my husband was working. Like every newly married couple, we were very happy and excited about our married sex life. One day, both of us were talking about planning a family.

Suddenly, my husband said, "Can't both of us live like this forever, just the two of us, no third one interrupting us ever?"

I was shocked to hear that my husband didn't want to have a child! But he laughed it off, saying that he was just joking.

After a month of our marriage, I returned to my mother's house as I had to get back to my job. Every day, my husband and I would speak on the phone for nearly 5-6 hours. One day, I told him to come online so we could chat. But the moment I went online, my friends started showering me with best wishes for my newly married life. And I got slightly delayed in chatting with my husband. And this made him angry.

He scolded me and even asked for my Facebook password, which I gave him. He then logged into my account, read all my conversations & starting abusing me. He threatened to divorce me and tell my parents the reason why their daughter was not interested in her husband. I just couldn’t understand why he was doing this. I started crying & begged him not to do so. But this was just the beginning of my horrible days.

As days passed, he would threaten divorce almost every day. I thought my husband had become possessive about me, so I even closed my Facebook account and broke all contact with my friends, even the girls. But being a working woman, I would get calls from my office, which too wasn’t acceptable to my husband. He kept suspecting me and would regularly check my mobile in my absence.

Three months later, I received the good news of my pregnancy. I was very happy and shared the news with my husband. To my utter shock, neither my husband nor my in-laws were happy about this. My husband said he was not ready for this responsibility and told me to get an abortion. I did not want to abort the pregnancy but on seeing my husband’s innocent face, just for a moment, I agreed.

He fixed a meeting with a doctor for the abortion but I was being eaten by guilt from within. “How could a mother kill her own child!” I gained all my courage and refused to go through the abortion.

This angered my husband so much that he started mentally harassing me every single day for not listening to him. I begged him for the sake of my child, our child, but nothing could change him.

For the sake of my baby, I started living away from my husband. I didn't keep any contact or relation with him. One day, I heard through a relative that my husband was denying that the child was his.

He went to the extent of saying that I had this baby from an extra marital affair! That was the last day I loved the man who once was my husband, the man I thought I would some day return to and live a happy life with our child.

But he shattered it all.

After nine months, I gave birth to a lovely baby boy. Today, it has been almost 3 years but my child has never seen his father. The divorce case is still in court.

I hope that my story will teach my child to respect each and every girl, unlike his father.

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