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I Was An Independent Woman But Now I'm Stuck With A Spineless Man And His Family

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I worked in Mumbai for nine years, I was an independent woman with a five figured salary, and due to some family issues, I had to return to my home town. I stayed there for about six months when I got another job offer and I booked my tickets back to Mumbai.

Just a few days before I was about to leave, I got a matrimonial proposal from a family. The guy earned well, and before I could understand what was going on in my life, I was married off.

I had made it very clear that I am not a homely woman, and he was fine with it. After the marriage, I was welcomed to my husband’s house, where his unemployed parents, and an adult unemployed brother lived. The only earning member of the family didn’t have a bed or a cupboard in his room. I never lived in such a room even during my struggling days.

The uneducated family wanted me to gel with them and their orthodox beliefs.

We started fighting because of his mother’s possessiveness. Even my husband, who was an engineer, wanted me to give him foot massage every night. I realised that my husband was an anti-feminist, and that was okay, but then he always said that I am a woman, and hence I am supposed to do so and so, which was not okay.

His mother told me that I’ll have to take care of all of them for the rest of my life. I didn’t even get to go for a honeymoon. The only intimacy I share with my husband is sex. He never tried knowing me, or my story and my dreams. He blames me for having an attitude problem as if I brought a huge amount of dowry for him. I am caged in a small town in Maharashtra.

I always wanted to marry a man who is a man in every way, but my husband never takes our future seriously. He acts like a child when I talk about serious affairs, but acts his age while taunting me.

I cannot bring my children in this environment where there is so much unemployment and lack of education. I can’t survive in this lazy family where everyone just eats and sleep.

I am sorry but I cannot be a slave to their whims.

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