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I Was 4 When I Started Writing And Now Here I Am Working On A Mission

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Everyone has a dream which is closest to his or her heart. For me, it is to remain alive in the hearts even of people long after I am gone. This is the reason behind my academy and this is the sole reason behind my published books.

Writing a book is always a unique experience and requires a lot of sincerity, hard work, and dedication and when your book sees the dawn of the day after a lot of hiccups that come its way, it is natural to feel overwhelmed. You are turned speechless and you don't find words to express your feelings.

Every effort becomes worthwhile if you have a beautiful purpose associated with it. I was four when I started writing. It came naturally to me, perhaps because my mum was a writer and orator. I found deep solace in writing. Writing felt like breathing to me. No matter how adverse the situations became, I penned it in my diary and attained peace.

As I grew up, atrocities on women around me bothered me deeply and I wanted to do something for them even if it was really a trifle. The easiest was to be their voice and bring out their pain to the world and awaken people's conscience to end their ruthless oppression, to be a face of positive change, and contribute to their upliftment. I thus commenced my blogging journey in 2003, fresh out of an engineering college.

For over a decade, I worked in twenty-two countries with quite a few MNCs amassing immense knowledge and experience but never gave up my first love that's writing.

Whatever I wrote struck a chord with many and I eventually embraced my love for writing and public speaking full-time by starting my own academy for six to sixty-year-olds to aid them to bridge the gap between their intellect and expression.

I associate a lot of meaning to my life. It isn't everyone's cup of tea to leave a crazily paying corporate job to embrace a passion and dedicate a valuable chunk of her life to it.

Well, you can call me weird but that's how I am, I have built a unique world for myself in my academy for six to sixty years olds and this is the place that gives me the maximum solace. I take online and offline communication skills and personality development sessions the whole day and the deep desire for my passion still keeps me going on super-excitedly almost like a child.

My first book that was published in 2016 was the voice of 26 such women yearning to evoke an era of positive change, it was called 'Dare to Defy The Destiny'. It was a poignant book that expressed the mental and physical agony the Indian women go through. The book got heart-touching reviews from one and all nationally and internationally and that inspired me further. I was elated that I was on the right path.

Awards like Women of the Wear 2015 and Planet's Pride Award 2018 helped me broaden my vision and expand the arena of my work. I consequently started a section in my academy, which supported women to stand on their feet to the best of my abilities. This brought me in touch with so many inspirational women and it was exhilarating to be a part of their journey.

I was thus convinced to bring their stories forward to motivate many like them sailing on the same boat and make these empowered women empower other women by leading as an example. This is how my latest and the 4th book 'Empowered Women Empower Women' took shape and I am so proud that it is released yet

It is every ounce of pure truth and deep inspiration. This is a book with a strong purpose as I am a crusader and a firm believer of Women's Empowerment for years and I wish each one of you read it and feel inspired and take the mandatory steps to be the 'Face of Change' in the right direction. Being a crusader of women empowerment, the journey gets tough and lonely at times because of people's trait of doubting the genuine intention, but I will not give up no matter how tough gets going for I have risen above all appreciation or undeserved criticism for my work.

It isn't easy when you step out for a mission in life. While your goal is clear, there are stumbling blocks at every step in life. Not only are you an alone voyager in your journey, not only are there infrastructural issues and mental blocks to overcome, but also a lot pulling you down or rather demotivating talks that flood in from all directions barring a few who stand as a firm rocks of support in all your endeavours.

Luckily for me, I have always found the criticism extremely worthy for the proportion works inversely for me. A word of criticism burns the fire to prove myself severalfold stronger in me.

Actually, they have found my mission worth a thought and then meticulously analyse it to be able to reach this stage, isn't a very good thing and I am grateful, seriously.

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