I Fought With My Parents To Marry This Guy Just So He Could Make My Life A Nightmare

Anonymous Anonymous in Single Women Bad Women on 31 May, 2017

I found my husband on a matrimonial site. Initially, our families weren’t happy but we took our time to make sure that they were satisfied with our decision.

I was given first class treatment by my mother-in-law during the engagement ceremony. After that, I saw her real face. My husband is a single child and his mom is a single mom. My husband’s father is married to some other woman and has a family of his own.

My mother-in-law’s sister has a huge influence on my husband. They somehow always held a grudge against me because I wasn’t their first choice. My husband held a grudge against my parents as they did not accept this proposal at first.

After the engagement his family started insulting me and my parents. We got married in a church. My mother-in-law purposely came to the wedding an hour later and yelled at me in front of our relatives for having put on too much make-up.

After the ceremony, my husband, my mother-in-law, her sister and her husband gathered together and insulted my family. They used words that my family would be ashamed to even say out loud. It was my cousin brother who intervened and settled things. 

My life began. My parents were left in distress. I failed to take a stand for my parents. From day one I was mistreated by each family member. My husband told me that he was in debt because married me. He borrowed 6 lac for the wedding and had it been anybody else he wouldn’t have to do so. I was shocked. My parents spent 15 lac rupees on this wedding but that didn’t matter. His aunt was after my life because she wanted my gold jewels and dresses for her daughter.

His aunt and uncle started with how the furniture my parents had gifted us were not good enough. They demanded my parents get different ones. In fact, the quality and cost of the gifts I got was much higher than the ones at their home.

My husband didn't stand up for me. 

His aunt also ensured that her daughter, who was 13, was always with me and my husband. She spoiled our dinner plans on my husband's birthday. She spoiled my trip to my cousins wedding. My husband demanded his cousin should always be with us. I tolerated it all. For my cousin's wedding, the tickets were booked only for my husband and me but the entire family started forcing us to take the cousin along. I took a stand and said it’ll be impossible to get another seat. My husband fought with me and said he won’t come along if she didn't come. He also said that if I went alone, it’ll be shameful.

My husband makes fun of my mom, looks down upon my non-city background and I have to sit and listen to all this because they don’t care. They aren’t as cultured and educated as we are.

My husband once said that I didn’t deserve to celebrate my birthday at this age because I hadn’t done anything special in life. But he celebrates his friend's birthdays at home and makes me do the household chores for him.

My husband travels 5 days a week and my mom-in-law refuses to be a guardian when he isn’t around. She says I should let my mother come over when he is not in town. My family stays really far away but still they left everything and moved to help me. 


After they moved, my mother-in-law said she was ready to stay with me and help me out. If I visit my mom or if my mom visits me, she instigates my husband and makes a big fuss. When I'd had enough, I decided to move out.

After a few says, they apologized and asked me to come back home but I didn’t know they were planning a revenge. Within a month I became pregnant. My husband was happy that he won his challenge. He had planned to impregnate me.

I had hyperemesis and he would leave me alone when I got morning sickness. He wasn’t home all day and if I'd ever wake him up in the mornings, he would yell at me. One night, I had to go to the doctor but he just refused to help me out. 

In fact, he made a huge fuss because of it and told my parents that he can’t take care of me during pregnancy because he finds morning sickness disgusting.

He said he can’t pay my share of the rent either and kicked me out of the house! I went to the police and told them the same. They asked me to call my husband but I refused to move in with him again. I shifted to a new place.

I am now 7 months pregnant and I have tried talking to him but his demands never end. He isn’t giving me my jewelry back and is asking for my mangalsutra now. Not even once has he asked me how I'm doing. He just wants me to apologize to his family. Just because he had given me his sperm doesn’t mean he’ll control my life, right? Just because I am a woman doesn’t mean I’ll suffer like this, right?

I have decided to be single now. I don’t want my child to be brought up in such a hostile environment. I will accept my husband the day he accepts me for who I am without any demands.
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