I Didn't See His Real Colors Till He Blocked Me From Everywhere

Anonymous Anonymous in Single Women Bad Women on 18 September, 2017

I am a 29-year-old strong-headed independent woman. I have been through my share of relationships and break ups, but I’d never experienced something as crazy and disturbing as what I’m about to share.

In 2015, I met a guy on social media. He was the alumnus of the institute where I was working at that point of time. In the beginning, I did not entertain his texts messages or attempts to befriend me. A few months passed by and I realized that he was looking for something more than just friendship.

I chose to remain cool about it and maintained a safe distance from him.

We would just share pleasantries and greetings on festive occasions. But gradually, over a period of two years, we became very good friends. We’d discuss our professional and personal matters including our problems. I found him to be an intelligent, humble and straightforward person. I also admired his work, views and approach to life.

At the beginning of this year, both of us realized that we were more than just friends. We enriched each other’s lives to a great extent. Our views were not similar but we were able to communicate well and come to a sensible conclusion.

Our conversations were so meaningful that I was beyond thrilled to have him in my life.

I had been through an extremely bad relationship and break up last year. It was this guy’s love and care that healed me. I never got a single negative vibe from him and so, I was finally convinced that he is the one for me. We confessed our feelings to each other and decided to speak to our parents and get married.


I’d never been happier! I felt blessed to have such a compassionate, focused and honest guy in my life. He was my man. He too started treating me as his wife.

Though ours was a long distance relationship, neither of us felt the distance. We were one!

I spoke to my parents about him. It was one hell of a job to convince them, as he was a Bengali and I am Assamese. But somehow, I managed to convince my family and they agreed to meet him.

I was beaming with joy and had tears of happiness. It made me feel that miracles do happen! True love does win. And I was finally going to marry my love. I was constantly in touch with him through texts and he seemed equally elated about this development.

About a month ago, my parents started pressurizing me to confirm whether this guy was coming to meet them or not. They seemed to have a lot of doubts about this whole affair. They were constantly pushing me to get a confirmed date of when the guy would visit. I asked him for a tentative date but he told me that his tickets were not confirmed.

And suddenly, out of the blue, he said that his parents were avoiding conversations related to our relationship.

I was very pissed with him because I’d given my best efforts to bring the two families together and he was yet to convince his family! I frankly told him all this was making me extremely insecure and stressed.

That’s when he started showing his true colors! He kept ignoring me citing busy schedules and numerous official tours.

Something felt terribly wrong. I could sense it!

I even tried asking him a couple of times, but he kept saying that everything was okay and that he loved me.

From the beginning of our relationship, he would mainly communicate through texts; he rarely called. Initially, I had a problem communicating only through texts but I got used to it and ignored any wrong possibilities.


Recently, I was admitted to the hospital because of the mental trauma that the entire situation was causing me.

He wasn't ready to clarify his stance! Nor did he care to call and check if I was doing fine.

My cousin sister decided to take things in her hands and confronted him over the phone. Once again, he made excuses of his busy schedule and turned his back to her. He did not answer even a single question that my sister asked him.

Eventually, he stopped texting me and even blocked our mutual friends and me on Facebook. I waited for a few days for his response but he did not respond. Finally one night, I called him after work hours and asked him just two things.

What did he want from me? Why had he been ignoring me?

To my disbelief, he casually replied, "We are very different people. You are very emotional and unrealistic. You live in your own fantasy world. You only think about this relationship 24x7, but the real world does not work like this.”

“I blocked you to distance myself from you and gain some clarity. Now I’m clear; I’m not into you. We cannot be together. It’s a recipe for disaster. "

And just like that, he ended everything. I was still holding my phone, thinking who was this person I’d just spoken to? Was he the same person who, just a month ago, was eager to know when I’d be ready to sign the papers?

Was he the same person who time and again told me how awesome I was? Was he the same person I’d dreamt of spending my life with?

Finally, I gathered myself and asked him, "Do you even realize what I will have to go through? How will I face my parents?" He shamelessly interrupted me and said, "I am going to grab dinner now, talk to you later."

I was stunned! How emotionless could someone be? I told him one last thing.

"I loved you and I will face the humiliation caused because of you. But you are a heartless machine. You need to become a human first!

"Just tell me that it’s over!"

And he replied, "Yes, it’s over."

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