I Blocked A Guy Whom I Found Online But I Still Miss Chatting With Him

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Out of some curiosity, I was just checking my messenger that day. There was continuous ping on my phone and I hardly got time to check them because of my busy schedule. With a cup of hot coffee and phone, on the other hand, I took some time to relax and catch the pending messages.

"Hi, will you like to talk to me?” There was a message from this guy whom I have never seen before. (I happened to check his profile on Facebook as soon as I checked this message). I replied back with a "Hi" and "Do I know U?"

This boy had a charming face with some captivating look in his eyes.

To be very true, he had a resemblance to Robert Pattinson. I am a married woman and I should not be talking about other guys, but this one quite attracted me and took my interest.

Coming back to the messages, the boy started chatting with me saying that he just found my profile on Facebook and wanted to talk to me. I made it clear to him that I was not the type of women who entertain males or any such things if he was looking for.

He seemed to be a genuinely good person and talked with me very respectfully.

He said that he had lots of friends but he hardly talked to anyone because of his job and other schedules, however, he wanted to talk to me.

I also found him interesting and knowing that it was completely harmless chatting with him, we started to talk every day. From simple hi and hellos to family, friends, and work; we talked it all. He even shared about his relationships with his girlfriends but maintained a healthy chat with me. A few weeks went by, and now he started showing his extra interest in my personal and physical life with my hubby. Suddenly I found him showing interest in my body features, my looks, and other aspects. This I found alarming and warned that I will stop talking to him if he continued like this.

He kind of understood this and maintained the proximity of our friendship.

We then started having a good conversation all over again. I kind of liked him, first because of his mesmerizing eyes, and second, I found someone to talk my heart out (it's not that I have issues with my husband, but it's just because I lacked a friend in my life).

One day, while chatting, he suddenly asked me for some personal questions which were directly objecting to my dignity as a woman. This time, I found myself foolish because it was I who gave him the liberty to talk whatever we liked.

This time I could not stop myself from blocking his profile and breaking all ties with him.

It has been a few days, but to be true, I still miss chatting with him. I don't know why I want to chat with him again, but my self-respect comes in between.

I am unable to concentrate on my work as I miss spending some time talking my heart out with this guy. Yet, I cannot unblock him.

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