He Made Me Believe In Fairy Tales and Now I Don't Know What He Wants

Anonymous Anonymous in Single Women Bad Women on 22 September, 2017

As a teenager, I always thought that fairy tales were all real. But my dreams were shattered the day my ex ended our 4-year long relationship.

Being young and experiencing my first heartbreak, I tried to cope up by avoiding all negative thoughts and suicidal tendencies. That was the time I decided never to date anyone.

Two years went by and still, the scars were all fresh in my mind when a guy entered my life. He was my classmate. He made me believe in love all over again. He was the one who believed me when I didn't even trust myself. He built me up to be strong. He taught me how important loving oneself is and how important it is to value our parents. However, I always hesitated to get into a relationship with him because I never wanted the past to repeat itself again. He always kept on asking me to trust him and that everything would fall into place. And I finally decided to trust him and we became a couple.


The first year of our relationship was like a fairy tale. They way he cared for me, the way he used to make up for small things, and those surprises – my entire wish list was fulfilled by him. Even I tried my best to keep him happy. We shared a great bond. But as always, when things are going perfectly, there has to be some interruption by sadness.

He once told me that we had no future because his parents won't accept me. That's when I had to go through the entire pain again.

I tried to convince him that he should at least try talking to his parents. He kept on denying that it would only be a disaster. But one day, while he was dropping me at a bus depot, he told me that he would talk to his mom about me once. That's when I had a little hope.

Days passed, and we entered our final year and his parents made him discontinue the college for family business. He promised me that he would talk to me at least for a few minutes every day and meet me once a week. I decided to believe him again. But in these 4 months, he had hardly met me thrice and now, he even denies to talk to his mom even once and doesn't even care about my feelings.


All he does is call me once in 15 days and make sure I don't talk to any guy. I really don't know what's happening with my life and what he wants from me. Now, I just keep listening to sad music and stay all alone the entire day.

I don't think I'll ever be able to trust a guy again, no matter what he does for me. Maybe I won't even get married. I am heartbroken.