He Dumped Me For No Reason So I Planned The Best Revenge

Anonymous Anonymous in Single Women Bad Women on 31 May, 2018

I just became an easy target for him. We met through our common friend at a resto cafe. I still remember he was my ex-crush’s best friend. I had met our common friend after a very long time and after that we became close. That day, I found his attitude very attractive. I went to that particular cafe for the next three days continuously, to meet up our common friend. And that’s when he introduced me to him.

We had an instant liking towards each other but I didn’t give much importance to him that day.

That very night, our common friend texted me saying that his friend likes me and that he wants to talk to me. So he asked me for permission if he could share my number with him and I happily said yes. Then I waited for 2 days, and I didn’t get any text. I went to the cafe again and I saw him and fell head over heels in love with him. So I decided to text him first, with a “hey”. And that’s where our conversation began. We decided to meet, and I fell for him completely, not for his looks but for his attitude and caring nature. That very night, he said he had a crush on me but I was very insecure, as he was my ex-crush’s best friend. He said that the past is past and he even made me believe in it. The very next day we went out, and that’s when he proposed to me. I happily said yes and after that, we were just the best couple. He put up with all my mood swings and made me believe in love. Everything went on so well.

The three months with him felt magical.

Then suddenly, for a whole week, he wasn’t normal. We started off with an argument, and he said that he feels I’m not serious about this relationship. I asked him why and he just said that he feels so. The conversation went on, and I asked him if he needs a break and he said yes. I agreed, even though I didn’t believe in it. But my instincts told me that it’s not gonna end this way. So I asked his friend to talk to him. My instincts said that he was just moving on with other commitments and I didn’t want to doubt him unnecessarily. And that’s when his friend told me that he says he needs a break because he has lost that relationship vibe. My heart ached but I gained all my strength and called him to break it off because I didn’t want a guy who gives such a lame reason. He also said that he got caught by his dad while texting me and his dad reminded him that love marriages are never accepted by his family. So it would be better if he forgets me and moves on.

I broke down, I asked him whether he didn’t know all this before, before we kissed before we made love. He said that he thought he could convince his dad but now he was sure that he could not, and he doesn’t want to hurt me in the future so it was better off to end this now. But he failed to understand that time does not matter, I gave this 3-month relationship as much effort as I would have put into a 5 month one. I realized that he was giving me lame reasons just to get rid of me. I just have one thing to tell him: You don’t know how much you have hurt me but one day you will understand this and regret it because there’s something called as Karma. I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason and your presence in my life also had a reason. I also learnt that I should never believe someone so easily. Thanks for the lesson.

I will not block you or delete your number, you will always be in my contact list so that you can see that I moved on, and that I’m the happiest without you.
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