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Get It Through Your Thick Head: I Have Better Things To Do Than Being Your Maid

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When you expect the least out of anything, the door knocks and you are like, should I open the door or not? It's strange. Isn't it?

I was not expecting any changes in my life. I was satisfied.
Whatever was required at that point in time, I had it all. Be it a job in an MNC, or a partner, or a strong bond with my parents. I don't know whether that was what I always wanted but at least I was satisfied.

It took me years to build a relationship with my dad. It took me years to actually prove to my relatives that girls who wear jeans don't have any thoughts of seducing men. It took me years to gain the trust my mom and dad have on me.

Within 10 days of graduating college, I got the call from an organisation about my training date, location, and joining details. My dad was happy that I was at least not sitting at home. My sister was happy because it was a good start to get into companies which are not of Indian origin. My mom was happy because now I would be getting a salary and I would be independent. My partner was happy because he wanted to get settled as soon as possible and boast about his would-be wife, saying she works in a company which has a good market value.

Everyone was happy and to see everyone happy, I lost my happiness somewhere.

I didn't want to leave any relationship behind. Relationships were the one I made. It was difficult to nurture those relationships. It was difficult to take care of them as your child. I did it all. I did everything to save it. And hence, I lost myself in taking up all the responsibilities and making all my close ones happy.

I never expected the one relationship I was nurturing with all I had, will soon turn to love from lust. I was not expecting the one relationship I gave my 24*7 will soon get so weak. I wanted to cry out loud. I was feeling weak. I didn't know how to manage. Slowly, I fell out of love from that relationship which I gave my all.

But guess what? That was also my mistake. I wasn't a loyal person. I was running away from responsibilities.

No one ever understood that I tried almost 5 months to keep it alive. No man will ever understand that when a woman falls for someone, they do love you truly, and you must have done something bad to make her fall out of love. But still, you men don't stop criticizing her.

You always like to say 'Women are sh*t. She ditched you.' But do you share the background picture with anyone? I suppose NOT.

How can you men, expect women to just give you babies?
How can you men expect us to become the servant to do your household activities? You want us to kill our dreams, our careers for you, and still, you say that we are not taking up responsibilities.

How many of you men can actually imagine life without your girlfriends or wives or mothers? Hardly some, right?

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