heartbreak fairy tale

Fairytales Are Only In Books. Somehow Life Showered This Wisdom Upon Me.

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I loved a guy immensely once, and he too was in love with me. There was not a thing hidden between us. He knew everything about me and so did I. We both had bad relationships in the past and we were comfortable knowing that.

We worked at the same office, but different shifts. So he used to come early to the office to be with me, and waited until late so that my shift ends and he could be with me on my way home. We never had lunch or dinner alone. And during the weekends, we were stuck like glue to each other. He even shifted to a place nearby where I lived so we could be more accessible to each other.

He surprised me with roses and chocolates every now and then. He made sure that I was happy. Whenever I had health issues, he would take a leave and take me to the doctor and be there by my side whole time.I cooked lunch for him every day and used to make his favourite dishes.

I used to write him letters every now and then, making sure that he knows that I too loved him a lot, since I was not that expressive.

On weekends, we went to movies and to the places that either, or both of us liked, because we had respect for each other's choices. We used to go shopping together. Money was never an issue between us, we used to spend our earnings together and on each other. We discussed our future, we had dreams and we were happy.

But one day, I had a job transfer, and had to go to a different state. That was when my worst nightmare came true. This person, whom I loved to the moon and back, all of a sudden wanted to break up with me, giving me no reason. I absolutely had no idea what to do! After a few months, I found out that he was dating another girl from the same office and hence wanted to get away from me.

I wonder how all this love could be forgotten in a jiffy.

I was sure that he loved me, but then this happened. I was hurt, depressed and didn't know what to do. I tried a lot to move on but this one person wasn’t going away from my life. And now after 2 years, I'm still hurt.

I have not had the courage to move on or love someone like I loved him.

I stalk his social media sometimes (though I know I should not do this) and I see their photos together. It kills me. I know that it should not affect me but it does. I remember when he was in a relationship with me, he told me that he will never be able to love someone again like he loved me, but after 2 years, I am still stuck to those words he said.

I don't know if he ever loved me anymore. But if he did, then how is it so easy to forget your love in just two months of a long distance?

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