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Abused And Body-Shamed, Only One Thing Could Set Me Free

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*For representational purpose only.

Being a pampered child of the family, I was always a happy go lucky person. I loved to eat, play and sing.

After I finished schooling, I fell in love with a guy who liked me from the last 3 years but due to school life, I had ignored him. We had graduated from the same Music school. He was seven years elder to me but I still loved him. The first year of our relationship went extremely great. He was possessive about me and somehow I loved it.

It was an amazing feeling to be someone's center of the world, but as the days passed, everything that once pleased me felt annoying later.

He convinced me to deactivate my Facebook account. It was difficult as I was socially active. He later made me quit wearing western clothes because he thought that I was very busty and fat. I switched to wearing only Salwar Suits. My parents were shocked to see my sudden transformation.

On the days that I couldn't pick up his phone calls, he started accusing me of having affairs with the other boys, which wasn't true.

One day, when I was at work and didn't pick up his call, in anger he showed up at my workplace where I was sitting with my colleagues discussing some important work. He accused me of having an affair with one of my colleagues.

It was the most embarrassing day of my life. I had become so numb with the blames that whenever he blamed me, I said things like "Oh! Don't you know that I sleep with that guy? Didn't you know that you were dating a prostitute?" I was just 17 years old. My parents were proud of me for doing well in my career but I was doomed in my personal life.

One day, he came to my house and put a knife on my neck for blocking him from everywhere. He threatened me for breaking up with him. I broke up and punched him hard. He got knocked down and fell from the staircase. I still remember that day. I hated myself for being so patient all this while.

It was my insanity that I believed that the relationship could be saved. That same year, I started talking to another friend of mine who really admired me. We were already good friends but didn't know when we had started liking each other. I was young and needed a fresh start so I confessed about my feelings to me.

He was a Mumma's boy and one day, while showing my pictures to his mother, his mother said that I was too fat, dark and ugly. She also said that she would never let him marry a scary girl like me.

He found it so convincing that only after 6 months; he left me saying that he no longer wanted to be with me. She was not wrong. I was fat, short and dark but definitely not ugly and scary. I became so lonely and depressed. I was 20, doing well in my career, had proud parents, stable family but there was nothing stable in my head.

Deep down, I was badly broken and felt demotivated. I decided to work on my body and joined a gym. I remember my second day at the gym when everyone laughed at me.

I lost 24 kgs through heavy weight lifting. I am a changed girl now. I lift heavier than the boys in my gym and I get compliments for my curvy figure. During my fat loss journey, I met someone who is a famous nutritionist. His diets not just changed my body but also my life because his love is my strength now. I'm 23, fair, I weigh 62 kgs, I’m 5'1 tall and most importantly, I’m happy.

It's been more than a year since I have been in a relationship and I am quite active on Facebook too. I wear anything that I like and I'm in love with myself. I changed myself because someone questioned my ability. I'm in love with myself and my partner and we are going to get married soon.

A few months ago, I got a call from the ex-boyfriend who said, "Hey! My mother saw your pictures and asked me whether I'm still in touch with you. Please come back to me. She likes you now." I replied, "You better marry your own black a** now." I hung up the call.

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