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I Wasn't 'Born This Way', Society Turned Me Into This

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Introverts: they are weird beings, one-of-a-kind. They are confined to their own world; confined inside the many layers of their brain, which speaks louder than their mouth.

They believe in introspection rather than retrospection. They are quiet observers and soulful listeners.

However, they haven’t yet discovered the very essence of going with the flow of the world.

You must be wondering who the hell is she to say all this? Well, I'm a big-time introvert. I am the one with the geeky glasses.

The kind that hides their face behind their bangs and keeps their chin down, as they are already suppressed by the expectations of their family and of course the societal pressure!

I don't know if I was born like this or did society do this to me.

But whatever happened, it shook my upbringing. An introvert’s life is not an easy one. However, I didn't have a choice but to adapt to it.

I was often ridiculed, laughed upon, called names, discriminated against and helped only out of empathy.

Did I really deserve to cry myself to sleep every night, giving a damn about this insensitive world? Did I deserve to cause self-harm just to get pleasure from the pain within me?

In fact, repeated self-loathing is all that I have been doing since childhood.

What harm could it possibly do to me? I guess I deserved the late night cry outs. It was like dealing with a kid within myself. I had to console myself when I was crying.

I started talking to myself more than I spoke to other people.

I remember those nights that mean nothing, yet symbolize everything that keeps me away from others. There was a constant fear of being judged by others.

Those nights, which make me feel very weak, are the very reason for my strong upbringing.

But I must say that it feels nice to be alone. You can see things clearly when you are alone. After all, I was alone since the beginning.

So what if I'm one-of-a-kind? You're not me and you can never be!

Is there a problem if I like my company better than the company of others?

The truth is that the society doesn't want introverts.

They want people who bitch, gossip and flatter. But not genuine introverts who are true to their word.

Here's to the introverts - brace yourselves because this society is going to eat you raw!

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