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You And I Were Always A Dream

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*For representational purpose only.

One day, all of a sudden, he entered as a warm breeze smoothing my life, 
The initial shy talks aroused the hidden friendship between us.

As two-three days passed, he started occupying and enjoying the ‘friend’ tagline in my life,
Unaware of what’s going to happen next! I enjoyed moments with him!

From the 24*7 texts to late night calls, I started to know his worth,
An hour without him felt like a year.

And I realized I fell for him, not knowing why, how, or when,
When he whispered ‘I Love You Too’, 
My happiness knew no bounds.

I felt like a princess, being safe in his arms,
The daily ‘look into my eye’ moments at a workplace.

Strengthened the unknown bond between us
Waiting for a call to listen to the rhythm of his voice

Till the non-stop gossips that never made us wonder why,
To the moment he slept off peacefully,

I enjoyed being with him,
I believed he was my man, my inspiration, and a soul that motivated me.

Never did I overlook his shortcomings,
For me, they were just making the perfect of imperfect.

Money, fame, background, never mattered to me,
What mattered getting his attention and love.

I felt over-protected in his presence,
I felt the little butterflies dancing within my belly.

I felt the sunshine that he brought every morning into my life
I felt comfortable with him, to share every joy and pain

Everything was fine until he decided to leave my side,
The day he said, “It’s over”,
It killed the butterflies in my tummy,
It killed a princess who was enjoying in her palace,
And, moreover, it destroyed a soul to an extent.

He said, “It’s just been a short while, you can overcome this.”

But my heart said, “How can a princess be fine when his prince is lost in some other world.”

It got over! Brutally over!

The 24*7 messages became a one-time ‘Good Morning’ message,
And the long night calls became the tears on the pillow.

As he went away, as he became rude, as his attitude changed,
I stood there clueless of what we shared.

I stood broken, lost, but yes,
Indeed, I had a lot of prayers for him.

Even when he walked past me, without a look!
I love you through thin and thick, and I believe you are happy and safe! 

Always welcome you like you used to be! But! Yes!
It was a dream which is going to be a dream again!

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