To The Ones Who Keep Asking Why I Chose Him, This Is My Answer Just For You

Anonymous Anonymous in Stolen Diaries on 24 February, 2017

To the girl who chose her "him", 
There is this one question that pops up every time people see us together,
Why him?
To them my answer is:

It all began when she was 4.

She turned on her favourite Disney channel and watched the one movie she adored
Beauty and the beast!
She loved the way the clocks danced, the tea pots talked;
And with great terror she saw the beast as he roared;
And smiled when she saw the oh-so-pleasant Belle;
From the corner of the room her mother smiled
It was the moment the beast turned to prince charming,

"You know sweetie one day, even you will find yourself your Prince Charming"

The girl giggled and with that the series of Disney movies started and the cliched "good looking" guy expectations began.

For 18 years she literally searched for that one guy who fit all the requirements of the perfect guy.

She met him who crossed all the items off the list

Oh so now you ask me how is that possible?

So let me start by saying,

He was nothing she wanted but everything she needed.

At first it was frustrating when he failed to understand her needs,
It frustrated her even more when he failed to live up to her expectations.
But then later it hit me,

That all those needs and expectations were because of the cliches she grew up with.

And again it hit her,

Beauty fades, but what's within, that thing that pumps our blood is evergreen.

And now she is proud enough to say
"I am lucky enough to find that heart" 

Here I am the girl who chose him
Chose him for who he is

Chose him for all his perfect imperfections

Chose him for the times he faltered to keep a smile on my face
Chose him for wiping away my tears
Chose him for keeping me sane through it all
Chose him for picking me up when I didn't know I was able stand up
Chose him for all the times he stood up for me
Chose him for pampering me unnecessarily 
Chose him for loving me when I monsturate (you read that right)
Chose him to be my family.


And here I am once again the girl who fell in love with a guy
Truly, madly, deeply.
He may not be "the good looking prince charming" type,

But he most definitely is the most beautiful person for loving me the way I am.

To the people who still ask me why I chose him
My answer to them is:

"Fall in love because love answers the most unsolvable question, conquers the most impossible quest that is life."