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To The Man Of My Dreams, I’m Waiting For You

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*For representational purpose only.
I'm bothered by a dream. One that I wish turned into more than just a dream.

I’d like to share my dream with you.

There is darkness everywhere. I have no clue where I am. The only thing I can sense is a bright light, a long distance away from me. I widen my eyes to try and spot the brightness. Being in this different place, where I have never been before, I immediately gather all my guts and step further to explore this surprise.

I keep walking on and on; it is probably the longest walk I have ever had. With a blurry vision, I can sense someone’s presence but I am unsure of who it could be. To add to my curiosity, it turns out to be a handsome young hunk. I can see him even in pitch darkness. 

His physique, exposed through his unbuttoned white shirt, his conspicuous veins, his soft hair caressing the collar of his shirt; the moment is absolutely breathtaking.

He is looking straight into my eyes, which are enamored by his handsome appearance. As a cold breeze blows, I can smell his scent through the deepest breath I've ever taken. Seeing him so close to me, I extend my hand and slowly move my fingers to touch his hair.

The closeness and our first touch; I can feel a sudden adrenaline rush. And suddenly, I was thrown out of my dream-filled sleep! I was breathing so hard as though I had just run a relay.

Was it all a dream? How could it be? I swear I saw him, saw him with all my heart.

I remember his scent, which is still fresh in my memory. And that first touch. How could it be a dream? It took me hours to convince myself that it was indeed just a dream. I was looking for him at an address that didn’t exist.

Now, I sleep with a hope that he would come again.

Where are you from?

Where are you now?

Come back to me.

I am longing for your touch.

Starving for your warm breath.

Waiting for you here; all alone.

Come back to me. Atleast in another epic dream. 

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