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This Is What Happens When You Hide Your Pain Behind That Beautiful Smile

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*For representational purpose only.
That pain won’t go easily.

You look good, when you smile: She was told often.
She promised to laugh, buried her pain in the silk made coffin.

The pain was there, of a bad marriage, much intact, but she looked happy.
World thought, she has moved on, inside she became more sappy.

She was joking, she was fun, She was high
Inside, she was dun.

Pillow and Night - she had two friends.

Only two companions, who knew her consent.

Tired of masked days and chirpy evenings,
She constantly feared the dark nights.
The longer the nights, the more she recalled those fights.

Life is a pain - that lightless room made her realise.

Why all this happened, that was her only plight.
Her wounds were fresh and scars were deep.

But how long she can weep?

Of course, one day, she will learn to sleep.

This post was submitted by Himani Chandna.

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