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They Were Separated By Lies But In The End, Love Saved The Day

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Abir was one of the coolest and most popular guys in our class. He's quite notorious and has his reputation. But he had no clue about what love meant, and no lady had graced his life.

He was happy and easy-going, and he always made sure that the people around him were in good spirits. This was until Ruhi came into his life. She was new in the class and was what you'd call 'drop-dead gorgeous'. When she joined, Abir was absent. When he returned after his leave, he met Ruhi, spoke to her, and went into a rage. He realized that he had met the girl he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

But he didn't tell her a thing and continued to maintain his 'cool boy' image.

As time passed Ruhi also began to develop the same feelings for Abir. Abir had a magnetic sense of humour, and Ruhi was drawn close to him. They became good friends. That year got over and we broke for vacation. When we came back, Abir had left the school.

Even though he was gone so suddenly, he had not left Ruhi's heart. After school, they kept in touch over the phone. Their texts turned into calls, and their calls turned into a full-blown love story. Everything went well between them. But like everything else, too much of something is quite harmful.

One day, out of the blue, Ruhi stopped talking to Abir or meeting him. She never gave him a reason why she disappeared so abruptly. Abir tried his best to get in touch with her and finding out what went wrong, but he failed miserably.

A few months later, Abir found out that a mutual friend had told Ruhi lies about him and had convinced her that he was cheating on her. Ruhi had blindly trusted the guy without discussing this with Abir.

However, the damage was done, and time passed on. Abir left the city and was separated from his loved ones and old friends. It has been four or five years now, and Abir is still single. Ruhi, on the other hand, is in a relationship with the guy who broke them up.

Ruhi and her boyfriend decided to get married, but their parents did not approve of the alliance. They tried their friends to help them, but all of them refused. One of their friends said that Abir would be the best person to help them out but Ruhi was unwilling to ask him.

A lot of convincing later, Ruhi spent a month digging up Abir's contact information and she finally called him. She spoke to him and Abir agreed to help her in a heartbeat. He lived 600 kilometres away from her and he made arrangements for her and her boyfriend to move to his place and settle down there. He was clearly still in love with her.

A week after they eloped, Ruhi's boyfriend backed out, lost courage, and went back home. He said that he didn't love her anymore. Ruhi got depressed and she almost committed suicide, but Abir saved her again.

She spent a month living with him and realized how much he loved her. She also discovered that she had been lied to and that Abir had never cheated on her. When Abir began talking about taking her back to her parents, she refused to return because they wouldn't accept her after she ran away like that.

But Abir convinced Ruhi's parents and made sure that the family reconciled. One day, Ruhi called him and cleared all the misunderstandings between them, and she told him about her feelings again. Abir asked her to be patient and wait for him to come back home. And now, Ruhi waits for Abir...

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