She Let Go Of The Beautiful Moment That Never Came Back To Her Again

Anonymous Anonymous in Stolen Diaries on 9 October, 2017

Love feels great. Especially the teenage love, the time when sappy romance lovers want to sit up late hours watching ‘The Notebook’ and texting that one person. Maybe I was in love. Or maybe, I was in love with the mere idea of love and it made me dream, dreams that I didn’t want to wake up from, dreams that I wish were true.

This is the story of a girl who was the apple of her father’s eye, who never cried, who never listened to romantic songs, who lived on her own terms but things changed and she experienced everything. She was heartbroken and shattered.

It was a cold winter night. She was traveling back home with her friend. Suddenly, he asked her if he could put his arms around her. This was the moment when she wanted to say ‘no’ as she was an independent girl and never wanted to take support in her life but she said yes.


'Why did she say yes? He was just a friend! Why did she feel so good when he touched her? Why did she allow him to touch her?'

While she was still dealing with these thoughts, she heard a whisper, “Can I kiss you?”

She wanted to make her first kiss memorable and so she finally found the courage to say no.

This was definitely rude on her part but she couldn't take her words back.


He let her go to give her some space, she felt bad but soon enough he was back with a kind gesture. He offered her his jacket. His arms were not less than a blanket swaddled around her in the cold night.

She was in her dreams lying on his lap with his hands on her stomach, feeling his touch but not responding to any move. When did she change so much?

Right before the journey was coming to an end, he kissed her on her nose. She loved every single second with him. She wanted to snuggle up in those cold winter nights with him.

This is how their love story started but she still feels guilty for not responding to his love that night even though everything is over now.


Editor's Note:

Share this story because those that are not perfect kisses can also be perfect bitter-sweet memories.